Happy First Birthday Henry!!!

June 12, 2017

Today is the day, and I am so far from prepared for it, it’s unreal.

My baby boy is one!!
Happy birthday my sweet boy.

This past year has been the most surreal, amazing, hard, exhausting, brilliant and over-whelming year of my life. But I wouldn’t change it for the world.

I absolutely my sweet Henry. He is the kindest, happiest, cuddliest, and contented child. His smile brings smiles from everyone that meets him.

You’re the love of my life.

Your love for everything is so lovely to see.

Your happiness to play with anyone, cuddle anyone is so endearing. You have no fear and I hope that never fades. Stay fearless.

You dribble more than a water fountain – why did no one warn me!! But it’s ok because that smile and toothless (although we can see one on its way) grin more than makes up for the colossal amounts of washing!

Your love for animals, especially dogs, is one of my favourite things about you. And yes, you are slowly persuading us, without words, that we need a dog in our lives! The bigger and the furrier the better!!

You’re you, and I wouldn’t change you.
You make my heart whole.
You make the scary world we live in feel ok, it’s worth it, to have you.
You make the sleepless nights better with a snuggle and a peacefulness that can’t be taken from you.
You give me faith in the future, because if we can have more children like you, maybe humanity won’t be so bad.

You make me, me.

(not for some photo spam #sorrynotsorry)

Happy birthday my precious boy.

Love you for always,
Mama. xx

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