I want to be an outdoorsy mum

June 9, 2017

I’m really not an outdoorsy person. 

As a kid and teen I guess I was more so. We lived near the woods so would spend a good amount of time up in the woods building dens and playing on make-shift swings hanging from trees over hills. I was definitely the most outdoorsy in my family, but I still wouldn’t describe myself as outdoorsy. 

Since being an adult, I’m definitely an indoor kind of person. I’m in absolutely no way sporty and as I always feel like I have to be doing something, just being sat outside felt like a waste of time. 

But I want to an outdoorsy mum. (also check out Henry’s reflection in my glasses!!)

Maybe it’s because I have a son and not a daughter but I feel like we need to be outdoors more. Boys love sports and bugs and dirt right? Which is much more difficult to achieve indoors. 

For me, being outdoors is really important. Getting out and playing in the park, exploring the local woods and wandering the streets of the local cities seem way more worthwhile now I have a small person to do it with. 

There’s so much to learn from the outside. And so much more space. And other kids too, which Henry loves. Plus getting outside is completely free which is always a bonus, especially for a cash-strapped mother. 

We’re really lucky that we live near a lot of big open spaces and pretty locations, and Southampton city centre is only a bus ride away. So getting out and exploring really is very achievable.

And as Henry gets older, we can do more proper activities. Not just ball games and playing in sandpits. But making bug hotels for the garden, and searching for critters and different trees in the woods. Pebble dashing by the sea. Painting in the sunshine. Playing at the splash pads and city fountains. Picnics in the parks.  

I love this photo – the perfect shot of the ball in the air!! 

So I’m going to be an outdoorsy mum. With hats, balls and sunscreen in my bag. I’m going to make the effort that every time it’s sunny, or warm, that we go out, even if  it’s just to the local park. 

Being outside is great for my mental health, for my sanity, for Henry and for our bond. So I’m Rachel, and I’m an outdoorsy mum. 

7 responses to “I want to be an outdoorsy mum”

  1. The Smallest Of Things says:

    I absolutely love being outdoors! Don't get me wrong I enjoy days at home but the fresh air is amazing for sleep 😂

  2. Gee Gardner says:

    We are really lucky that when we visit my family the kids have access to a huge garden and many of our family's fields. I feel that outside of visiting family I really am more on an indoors person since moving away from home. As A child I used to be always outside, running around, riding horses. I think I'm going to take a leaf out of your book and make the effort to be for outdoorsy again x

  3. Maisie Gibbons says:

    Such gorgeous photos! I've been thinking about this since I was pregnant really! I'm not overly outdoorsy but I am excited to become more so as Tyler grows up and wants to roll around in the dirt and such haha! x

  4. Little Pickles Mom says:

    YES FOR OUTDOORS! I am totally with you – it's only since I realised how much BETTER I feel in myself after I've spent time outdoors that I consciously make the effort to go out more now. I go a bit crazy if I'm indoors all day and Pickle is the same. Outdoors all the way!

  5. Honest Motherhood says:

    I think we can all be guilty of not being outdoors enough. I'm definitely trying to get out more as it does makes me feel better and burns some of the kids energy x

  6. Mummy Cat says:

    I find it really hard to get out, three children plus myself to get ready in the morning, sometimes I have bouts of anxiety where I don't want to see people and right now suffering hayfever, it's a struggle for me in the summer with the heat too.. I am much more of a homebody than outdoorsy but I try and make an effort when I can for the children's sake. Great post and photos xx

  7. Honeypot Blogs says:

    I frickin' love being outdoors and I think if I had a child I'd probably feel the same way you do! I think kids these day pick up all things digital so early, it's wonderful to balance it out with being outdoors and doing things like this from an early age!! Henry is just SO adorable!!xxHoneypot Blogs

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