Nothe Fort: Weymouth

June 8, 2017

When I started researching places to visit for our trip to Weymouth, Nothe Fort came up many times in the top 10 places to visit, so of course it had to be added to my list.

We finally got a break in the rain and decided to drive over for a late morning/lunchtime visit. 

I wasn’t 100% sure what to expect as we haven’t visited a fort before I don’t think, and the last castle I visited was back when I was in school. 

I guess the biggest surprise for us was the hidden treasure this place has. It’s much larger than we expected, and not only can you explore the top of the fort, but below ground too. This place is perfectly designed to take kids around as they will love exploring the underground tunnels that show the history of the fort and how it developed over the years. 

We stopped off for lunch there too which was really well priced, homemade and the kiddies lunch bag is beyond cute and perfect for a weaning baby too (jam sandwiches, pom bears, fruit and a little cake!).

The fort is also surrounded by the most beautiful grounds, and the most curious wildlife – you’ll see!

If you do visit, make sure to gift aid it, and save the slip as you get a free second entry with it within one year. So it looks like we’ll be back next year, with a toddler! 

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