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Friday, 30 June 2017

Thank You Notes #3 - the mamarazzi edition

June, you have gone by way too fast!! 
We're now fully over half way through 2017 and it's been quite the year. 

This month has of course been a pretty big one, with us celebrating Henry's birthday!! Plus I've gone back to work. So a big one, with lots of change, which always brings about a little thankfulness. 

So here's my June (or no.3) thank you notes...

Thank you Rogue's Cafe and Sotonbloggers for an amazing Bloggers Brunch at the beginning of the month - and OMG I'm obsessed with Percival Sirius Black, the best cafe dog in Southampton!

Thank you Disney for Beauty and the Beast - I've literally had it on repeat, and I'm still absolutely in love.

Thank you Lauren Dwyer for the BEST matching mama/baby tees!! You all know how much I love a photo, so this tee and matching baby tee was just an absolute must!!

Thank you Great Britain for restoring the faith in humanity. The last couple of months have been some of the hardest we've faced, but our heroes - our NHS, our police, our people - help to shine the light on the darkness.

Thank you June for bringing us some of the absolute best weather!

Thank you paddling pools and buckets of water for keeping Henry entertained and cool in the hot weather.

Thank you Alfie for being the most patient pup ever, and endlessly having a Henry shaped shadow.

Thank you Ninny for letting us visit and rearrange your entire house, including emptying two cupboards, and trying to knock over the umbrella pot.

Thank you Sam for a beautiful Christening. It was an honour to share your girls day with you.

Thank you Maddie for my newest ink addition!! I'm in love!


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  1. You are more than welcome! It was lovely to see you guys and thank you for coming to the Christening. X


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