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Monday, 5 June 2017

Weymouth: Sealife Adventure Park

As part of our trip to Weymouth last month,we decided we absolutely had to visit their Sealife Adventure Park. The theory was that it would be fun for the whole family as both Dann and I love aquariums and it would be a good sensory experience for Henry too. 

It also absolutely poured it down on the day we visited (we booked tickets online as they are far cheaper) so it was nice to be indoors for most of the day. 

What was super surprising about Sealife Adventure Park is that it is a series of smaller buildings which are numbered and you moved around them following the map. There's lots of outside space, including splash pads, splash pools and an outdoor play area, as well as the normal aquarium attractions and an interaction rock pool area where you can touch starfish and crabs. 

We were lucky enough to stumble upon a couple of the scheduled talks, including one inside the Ocean Tunnel where we were talked through the turtles, rays and sharks within the tank. The stories behind the turtles were so sad but also show how important aquariums are. The turtles in Weymouth were all hit by boats and sustained damage to their shells, which gave them buoyancy problems. The staff have added weights to the backs of their shells which alleviates the problem, but they can come off from time to time, which means they can't return to the wild. It's sad, but the aquarium allows them a life they couldn't have in the wild. 

We also watched a short part of the seal talk which included some seal training which was lovely to watch, albeit very wet at this point! 

Honestly it was one of the best places I've visited and we're determined to visit again when Henry is older and the sun is shining to make the most of the amazing play spaces. 

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