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Friday, 21 July 2017

The best family to visit Southampton - The Addams Family at the Mayflower Theatre

I have loved the Addams Family since I saw the 1991 version when I was a  kid.
There is just so much to love about this quirky family. From Wednesday Addams's pessimism and cunning, to the most beautiful love between Morticia and Gomez, and of course all their shenanigans that make them the most fantastic family.
Plus does anyone else think their home is total goals?? Might just be me, and it definitely isn't Instagram goals, but I simply adore a haunted house!

So when I found out that the Addams Family A Musical Comedy* was coming to the Mayflower Theatre I just knew I had to go.

Obviously I had pretty high expectations for the show, and it truly delivered.

The show gives you everything you could wish for; an amazing and creative set design, unique and beautiful costume, a fun and interesting story line and brilliant songs and dance.
As any of you who have read my previous reviews will know, the songs and dance are what really sell a musical for me, especially the dance, and the Addams Family really lived up to expectations. The songs were catchy and at times funny, and showcased some amazing, and somewhat unexpected talent. Although I expected the dong voices to be great, I didn't quite imagine how good they would be. Carrie Hope Fletcher (Wednesday Addams) was probably my favourite singing voice of them all but everyone held their own and created a beautiful and memorable musical.

The show tells the story of how the Addams' deal with Wednesday's new boyfriend, and future husband, the very normal Lucas. The show follows the 'meeting the parents' at the Addams' home and is every bit as funny as you could hope.

Gomez steals the show with humour with lots of married jokes. Plus his solo performances were outstanding. The adult humour throughout is just the right amount to make the show funny and highly watchable for any audience. But still friendly enough for a family and smaller children.
Les Dennis as Uncle Fester was a welcome treat, and he so perfectly played his role that I really second-guessed whether it was actually on the stage (we checked - it was).

An unexpected hit of the show was Lurch. Funny throughout with his slow walk and low grunt, he displays a couple of surprises, much to audience delight towards the end. I won't tell, because it is so much more fun to see in real life.

Overall this is a show that I honestly think is a must see.
From a relatively small production company, of which it's origins started with members of the Mayflower Theatre, it holds it's own even amongst the large scale producers.

It is perfect for every family member and stays true to it's original family and everything that makes this family so unique and loved.

You can see the Addams Family, A Musical Comedy at the Mayflower Theatre from 18th July 2017 - 29 July 2017 - tickets here.
For future dates and other tour locations here.  

*show tickets provided in exchange for review as part of the Sotonbloggers from the Mayflower Theatre - all opinions are my own. Show images courtesy of the Mayflower.


  1. I wouldn't mind seeing this, it looks really good. But the theme music used to scare me haha

  2. Looks like you had a great time! I'm hoping to go when the show is at Milton Keynes! Really excited!!

    John | Shout John

  3. I went to see The Addams Family in Nottingham last month and I absolutely loved it. I would definitely go and see it again :)

    Louise x


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