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Wednesday, 5 July 2017

How to wear dungarees mama

One of my absolute favourite go-to pieces of clothing is dungarees.
I discovered my love of them just before I fell pregnant with Henry. They were of course put to one side whilst my bump grew, but were one of the first things I fitted back into post-baby. 

Now I have a baby/toddler (what are one year olds classed as?!?) my style is 100% about what works with having a child and makes me feel comfortable (you can read how I've changed my wardrobe post-partum in this post) and dunagrees hit the mark perfectly. There's no risk of them riding down when you bend over, you can move pretty easily in them and they are really versatile. Plus they hide the dreaded mum tum, which is always a bonus.

However, I've seen many people worry about how to dress up/down with dungarees. It's very easy to think you're going to look a little like an over-grown child in them, but fear not. 

I have three ways to dress up your dungarees, and they're all tried and tested!!

With a blouse
This is probably my favourite, and a relatively new one at that. Basically I saw Hannah Gale in a PJ top and dunagrees and thought THAT is so damn good, I'm stealing that idea! And it's fast been a go to look for me. Usually to make it slightly more dressed down I wear plain plimsols or espadrilles with this look, but ankle boots in the cooler months would also work.

With a striped tee
For a more casual look, I swear by a striped tee. As the dungarees offer a solid dark colour, you can offset with a little colour and pattern. Pair with converse, plimsols, or even sandals for a quick run around outfit.

With a long sleeved jersey
For this look, I've gone more plain with a simple white 3/4 length sleeve jersey. Add a necklace for some extra detailing, and a pair of pretty pumps. Great for when you want to feel a little more girly. 

Some of my favourite dungarees for you:

So how will you be wearing your dungarees this summer?

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