Lavender Fields

July 4, 2017

I’m not sure much can beat a sea of purple in the middle of a field!

It’s the season for the flowers, and in particular, lavender. If you’ve been about on Instagram you’ve probably seen the influx of lavender field photos, and I’m here to say I love them, and let the purple sweet scented spam continue for ever! (can you tell I’m not entirely over the blossom spam of March?!)

So on Sunday we headed out to our local Lavender Fields, and to be honest I have ZERO regrets. Not only to Henry nap the entire way there (about an hour), he was good as gold too, plus I got a shed load of beautiful new photos that I’m obsessed with!

We headed out into the field first and managed to grab a load of snaps before the field got too busy. By the time we left around an hour or so later the field was really filled up with people taking photos so I’m glad we got in early, as I’m such a photo snob!!

The smell was far less overpowering, and was more like a subtle lavender scent. Plus the field was buzzing with bees which was all kinds of lovely.

They also had a section of wildflowers which were so pretty and added a lovely dash of yellow to the scenery. 

So this cottage/farm house in the middle of the farm is all kinds of garden goals!! You can just about see the cutest Wendy House ever, with its’ very own thatched roof in the backgorund of the above shot. Talk about garden envy!

We also stopped for drinks and a little snack of lavender biscuits and honey and lavender ice cream, which is made at the farm, including the milk from their own cows. It was surprisingly good and I could happily of eaten it all day. Henry and Dann enjoyed it too of course. 

As it was an Open Day, they also had a number of stalls including a really fascinating one with some local beekeepers. They’ve brought along some bees too and it was incredible to watch them working away in their hive. 

If you’d like to visit, The Lavender Fields, Alton has a second Open Weekend, this weekend 8th & 9th July. Entry £4 per person, children free.

Have you got a local Lavender Field? 

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  1. Rachel Heslop says:

    What lovely photos! I've always wanted to visit the nearby lavender fields, so will definitely be thinking about their open day. Lovely blog post. Rachel

  2. Rosa Fairfield says:

    These photographs are so cute, my favourite childhood memory is picking lavender in the lavender fields.

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