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Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Bigger, better and more Lush | Lush Launch at Westquay

Any self respecting blogger and bathtime lover has heard of Lush right? And if you haven't, then where on earth have you been for the last few years?

Anyway, as a blogger I've grown to learn and love more and more about Lush over the years, and definitely have a minor addiction to the smell of the Comforter (and a sentimental love for Prince Charming which was my post-birth shower gel of choice so has lots of special memories).

Here in Southampton we've had our little but very much loved Lush on the High Street, tucked away behind the Bargate. However it's popularity was making it's little home quite crowded!
Luckily, and with enormous pleasure, Lush has relocated, and has a new home inside Westquay, with three times the space, and three times the amount of products too!! Can we get a hell yeah over here?!?!

I was very kindly invited along to their launch evening* last Thursday, ahead of their official opening last Friday, and thought I'd share with you a little insider look of the new store, and what we got up to.

^^how adorbs are these life size lady bath bombs?!? And they smelt like the bath bombs too!!^^

Alongside exploring the shop and learning about the new products, we also got to try our hand in the Lush Kitchen and make our own, Cheer Up Buttercup, which was so much fun, and actually a little more hard work than I expected! You really have to squeeze it together to make the powder stick together!! Also this smells DIVINE! I used it last weekend and it's fast moved up my list of favourites. (photos of me by Alice Spake)

*invitation to the event and press goodie bag provided in exchange for blog review - all opinions as always are my own. 

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  1. Looks like a fab evening. I'm obsessed with anything lush! X


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