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Thursday, 27 July 2017

Puppy love

Man's best friend is his dog, or so they say.
A to some extent I really do have to agree because you'll never see a boy happier, than seeing Henry with his favourite pup.

Since he was small(er) Henry has always had a love for dogs, which we can only assume came from meeting Dann's parent's dogs when he was quite young. They were the most tolerant of dogs, and although we unfortunately had to say goodbye to Bob a couple of months back, Alfie remains, and has fast become Henry's furry best friend.

As an animal lover (er hello I'm Hufflepuff,like you expected anything else) it makes me endlessly happy to see Henry fascinated by animals and showing zero fear. He is quite happy to play fetch with Alfie, or push him away when Alfie decides it's face wash time. They trot alongside each other quite cheerfully and sit for a cuddle. It truly is the most endearing sight to see.

A couple of weekends back I got a load of photos of the pair of them (partly for this post) and I couldn't not share them as they're just so damn cute!



  1. This is adorable. We are so desperate to get a dog but my two children are still a little nervous about it, hopefully next year as I miss not having one x

  2. your photos are absolutely stunning! I am very much more of a cat person but i can appreciate the love any pet can bring

  3. I've had dogs all my life but since moving away from home I have been dogless for the first time in 19 years! I miss having a woofer about the place (and to clean up after the kids!) x

  4. Awww so cute! Bear loves being around dogs too, he thinks they're hilarious! Aren't they just the cutest best friends :) xx

  5. You can tell they have a lovely little bond already - so sweet!


  6. What a cute pair.
    My dog is my everything. She's an assistance dog and literally keeps me alive <3

  7. Such cuties! Can't wait to get a dog for my boy.

  8. The pictures make me absolutely melt.

    After being around my ex's dogs B developed a fear of them, its taken about 2 and a half years of not seeing them for him to become happier around pups!

    I have to say he is a cat fan but he does love doggies too. I am mortified that when we go back dogs & I ask him their names its usually something like.. Puppy PEE or Puppy wee wee bumbum! Thankfully the owners take it well ><

  9. The photos in the post are gorgeous, we are not dog people and have two cats but I do love Spaniel's, such a friendly breed. I do think maybe we might get a dog one day.


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