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Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Countryside Adventures

One of the perks of living away from family is that you get to go and visit them. And luckily for us, our family (most specifically Dann's parents) live in very places. 

We keep our weekends free for travel and family adventures, and the a couple of weekends ago we decided to drive back up to visit Ninny and Grumpy for a Saturday chill in the sunshine. 

Of course I took along the camera as the village Dann grew up in so perfectly photographic and is pretty much an Instagram dream. 

I mean just look at all those beautiful wildflowers!! Can you even get more quintessentially British countryside in one photo??

Of course, no trip back to the Grandparents would be complete without a dog walk!! Henry is literally in love with this pup, so we always take the opportunity to go out and take him for a walk! This time Henry even got to hold the lead - though admittedly he dropped it about 10574608737 times!! 

Yes that's our Ergobaby carrier on Dann's back.... and Henry sat on his shoulders! Sometimes we have the best intentions but shoulder rides are apparently way more fun!!  

See what I mean about the houses and the flowers!! I genuinely can't get enough of this little village!! 

Back garden and ball chills, because Ninny's garden is the best garden! Even better than my own, and I love my garden

And finally a good old self-timer family photo, because these are my favourite photos!! 

For those that asked on my Instagram, Henry's badger joggers are from Next, and fox jumper from JojoMamanBebe

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  1. oh what a beautiful village! I grew up in a beautiful village and its changed so much that now there is hardly any of the original beauty left

  2. Looking so peaceful in that lovely village, all the best.


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