The tale of a teething toddler – and how you can help yours

August 11, 2017

If you’re a parent or have been close to a parent of a child, you will undoubtedly have heard some complaints about teething.

Teething is a pain… in the mouth, and the head for parents.

The tale of teething includes red cheeks, puddles of dribbles alongside mountains of damp bibs, tears from both toddler and parent, sleepless and stressful nights, sore bums, and the ultimate break through of a tooth which elicits more excitement than fridge chocolate!

For us it feels like Henry has been teething forever, but we actually got our first tooth through just after his first birthday….not going to lie, it feels like the prior months of dribble was a total waste, but I guess that’s the fun of parenthood!

Since that first tooth, we’ve had a further three emerge, with another two starting to show their pearly goodness, all in the space of a month! Yikes!
We’ve been on a mission of learning with teething and with a little help from Nuby have found our way through the teething nightmare, with limited stress and no loss of life (phew).

(also check out our self timer photos using our new camera!! So much fun!!)

So for the teething toys we have a nice mix of rings and teething soothers which we love. 

First is the Nuby Chewbies* which are designed to soothe and massage. My two-pack comes in two different shapes ideal for all new teeth. These are a particular hit with Henry and we thoroughly enjoyed swapping them about between the two of us. The blue silicone is soft enough to be great for gnawing on and pushing against those troublesome gums. 

Then we have the Soothe n Cool* which is essentially an oversized dummy which can be put in the freezer. It’s an absolute essential for teething in hot weather as it stays cooler for longer than traditional water-filled teethers. It is quite a hard plastic so is more for soothing than massaging and grinding though!

We also have the rather infamous Bugaloop* which we love. This is a teething ring toy which also acts as a sensory toy! Who doesn’t love a two for one?! This is designed for the early days of teething and first tooth eruption, but makes for a fun toy afterwards too, luckily as it’s probably the item we’ve seen in the mouth the least!

Also making the list, for our on the go teething needs is the teething necklace*. I’m now up to two necklaces for teething and I have to admit they are really great and I really do need to remember to wear them more often. I love the simplicity of this design, and Henry loves the massaging pendant which is really soothing on his gums and new teeth. Plus the silicone is really soft!

Of course with teething, comes new teeth, and with new teeth comes brushing!! I think this is probably our favourite new product from Nuby – the four stage oral care system*. This kits takes you from teething to a full set of teeth, with perfectly matching tools for every stage. The kit can be used from birth so the idea of teeth brushing and oral hygiene can be instilled from an early age, and each item is tailored to its’ stage ensuring you take the very best care of their little mouths. We’re on the stage 3 massaging brush which is for new teeth and gums, perfect for our still gappy 14 month old, and Henry is already a great brusher which is so good for us! I definitely think this is a must for all families! 

So what’s your favourite teething products? 

*PR samples – we are Nuby UK brand ambassadors, and all items have been sent for this partnership. Review is entirely my own opinion and experience. 

8 responses to “The tale of a teething toddler – and how you can help yours”

  1. Nichola - Globalmouse says:

    Oh teething is such hard work isn't it? Anything you can put in the freezer is great. Love the look of the Bugaloop!

  2. Elizabeth says:

    Oh I remember how difficult the teething stage was! All we really had back then was frozen teething rings which really seemed to help.

  3. Mummy Cat says:

    ugh teething! my youngest is getting her bigger teeth in at the moment and is impossible to please, she bites everything (and everyone) we love the jelly keys that you can pop in the freezer

  4. Rebecca says:

    Fab pictures! Definitely need to try out the self timer on my camera 🙂 I had the bugaloop for Emelia and she loved it, I've been on the look out for some new teething toy inspiration. X

  5. Me & Your Raising Two says:

    Fab prictures! These teething products look great, we had the bugaloop for Emelia but I haven't tried the others. Oscar seems to be chewing everything at the moment so I'm definitely going to have a look at these. x

  6. Helen J says:

    We loved Nuby products when my eldest daughter was teething and when we get back around to the joy of teething (my youngest daughter is 8 weeks old) I'll be buying some more 🙂

  7. Éva Katona says:

    Ahh teething can be so hard on both of you! Poor babas suffering and you too seeing them in pain, not getting enough sleep, etc. Luckily it can be eased with a lot of non medical things, and we loved Nuby products.

  8. Kelly Peters says:

    This is such a useful piece for me right now, my son is 4 months old and starting to chomp on everything. I'd totally forgotten what we did with our first son, I've made some notes on these as you've just been through it! I also tried an amber bracelet with my first, I'm not generally into the idea that non-medicine can relieve pain but it definitely helped him during his worst days! I need to find that thing…

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