The boys made smoothies

August 31, 2017

Sunday’s should always be for lazing around and having long breakfasts.

Last Sunday, my boys were up early, and because we had a large stock of fruit in the fridge from strawberry picking in the week, decided they were going to make smoothies! Yep I felt a little spoilt, I must admit. 

We decided to make this recipe for a Raspberry and Strawberry Smoothie which we slightly amended, which I will detail below. 

I pretty much think this was the perfect morning making these smoothies, and it was literally exactly how I pictured having kids before I had Henry. Him sat on the worktop, putting the fruit in the blender (supervised obviously) and actually helping with making our food. I think baking may be next on the cards!! 

We made ours in two batches with: 

Two punnets of strawberries

One punnet of raspberries

1 cup of natural low fat yoghurt

1 cup of milk

2 tsp of vanilla extract

2 tbsp of honey

We blended in two lots and then mixed together in a big jug. Add more yoghurt to balance the sharpness of the fruit and make the smoothie creamier if you please. 

This amount made three adult smoothies, two toddler smoothies and three fruitsicles, so pretty happy with that, especially as all the fruit was picked locally by us too! 

He also has zero fear of the blender. We thought the noise might be off putting but he actually laughed and clapped the entire time it was on!! 

As you can see from the photos below, he loved it, and I can confirm that he happily slurped it up. If this is the way to get some fruit into him then I am so on-board for Sunday smoothies every week! 

If you wanted to try a juice, we tried this one earlier in the summer which we loved and is perfect for breakfast. 

4 responses to “The boys made smoothies”

  1. The little things... says:

    Some gorgeous photos to keep there! I really need to take more of Ben and our children!

  2. Katie // Life of Kitty says:

    Can't beat a good smoothie! Even better with fruit you've picked yourself. Idea to make lollies with it is great.

  3. Michelle Bradbury says:

    We love smoothies, and definitely agree making them with the kiddos is a wonderful way to involve them in everyday tasks. Both to teach them kitchen safety and to enjoy learning how to fend for themselves in a family occasion. I helped my daughter make chocolate stuffed cookies recently, she loves spending time with me in the kitchen. I think we'll give your smoothie a go as we'd all love it! 😀

  4. Janine Dolan says:

    I wanted to try out making smoothies song time ago. The fruit is in the freezer but always forget or too busy.

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