6 things I’ve learnt from Baby Led Weaning

September 14, 2017

I’m not really 100% sure when a child officially comes to the end of their weaning journey. I feel like it’s around the age of one, but we’re still learning new things when it comes to the dinner table, even today at 14 months.

If you’ve followed Henry’s journey on this blog, you’ll know we went for the Baby Led Weaning route for introducing food, and it has worked well for us.

Of course every single child is different, and as parents, we can only do what we feel is best for each individual child. I also have no qualms with flavour led/traditional weaning methods and truly do believe that there is no “right” or “wrong” way to wean your child. I’m just sharing what we’ve learnt thorough our journey.

So what have we learnt from Baby Led Weaning?

1. It’s so very messy. Yes we were forewarned of the mess, but still nothing really prepares you. We’ve had absolutely everything hit the floor, and I must admit some things are much worse than others. Porridge isn’t so fun.

2. There is no harm in trying purees too! In fact fruit and veg purees are often the only times we can get fruit and veg into him. We often mix purees with yoghurt and give it as a dessert. And yes we definitely give him a spoon.

3. BLW doesn’t slow the ability to use cutlery. This was a big thing we heard from pro-traditional weaners… BLW doesn’t teach manners and would hinder Henry’s ability to use a fork/spoon/knife. I can hand on my heart say that it hasn’t held him back at all. He uses a fork and spoon (sometimes together) for pretty much every single meal. In fact he insists upon it, will barely eat if not given cutlery, and will occasionally attempt to eat a sandwich with a fork. But he’s happy and eating so it’s all good.

4. It isn’t less work than traditional weaning. Part of traditional weaning that put me off going down that route (apart from Henry just not being interested in food at all until six months) was my perception of the extra work needed for making purees etc. And although this is true, it isn’t always true that BLW is going to be easier. We do on occasion have to make an entirely different dinner for Henry as our dinner just wouldn’t work for him, or we know he can’t eat all of it.

5. Weaning is absolutely fun. It really is. I’ve laughed so much at the dinner table over the last eight months, and it’s all because of some of the hilarious faces Henry has pulled when trying something new, or the satisfaction he has smeared across his face when he gets mash (he’s definitely my kid!).

6. Dinner time is a great bonding time. We always sit and have dinner together. I think being BLWed helped us keep dinner time a family opportunity as we were almost always eating the same or very similar things so it just made sense to eat together.

What did you learn from weaning your little one/s???

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