Autumn has Sprung: A fashion shoot in the woods

September 27, 2017

It’s hardly a surprise to any of my regular readers that I’m a big fan of autumn, and aside from the whole Hygge factor, and the extra cosiness, tea and warm tones, the other thing I adore about autumn is the fashion!!

I’m all about knits, scarves, hats, boots and oversized everything! Plus I’m really a dark tone kind of person, with a little white thrown in (pastels just don’t work on me) so autumn colours really make me happy. Give me black, brown, blue, red, tan, and yellow clothes any day of the week and I’m a happy bunny!

I’ve recently found a great new love in the form of WearAll* who are bringing the best of the autumn fashion trends to life, and I couldn’t say to a little fashion shoot with all of the autumnal vibes!

I’m rocking the mom jeans* because, well I am a mum, and they are so very comfy. I have had to cut these before I rolled them, purely because my 5ft2 frame just couldn’t cope with a normal leg length, but I am beyond happy with the relaxed feel. Plus the high-waist is so flattering which is always a plus. They’re a good thick denim as well which is perfect for autumn going into winter.

To finish this look after my favourite baseball tee, is the softest suede cropped jacket* you did ever meet. It’s a light-weight jacket, perfect for sunny autumn days (and maybe spring/summer too) and just screams cool mum…or at least I think it does!!

I’ve paired the look with last seasons (or maybe even the season before that) New Look chelsea boots, because I am totally obsessed with Chelsea Boots (these ones are definitely coming my way this year!)

I’m also loving wearing this ripped body* (not photographed but a perfect pairing with this outfit) which will be worn with all my skirts and pinafores as well as jeans. I kind of love the off-the-shoulder look, especially for autumn when it’s chilly enough for long sleeves, but you still want a cute fashion look.  

What are your autumn fashion must-haves?

*this is a collaborative post including PR samples which are indicated with the star – all opinions on products are my own

3 responses to “Autumn has Sprung: A fashion shoot in the woods”

  1. coeliacwithoutborders says:

    This looks like a super fun photo Shoot! I love the colours you get when you do it surrounded by greenery!

  2. Natasha Hudson says:

    I love autumn to! I love the fashion, the knitwear, scarves, anything that just looks cosy! I love your jacket it is definitely something I would wear. I completely understand where you are coming from about the jeans, I’m 5’1 so I know how you feelTasha x

  3. Becky Young says:

    Fab photos. I love anything knitted & chunky for autumn/winter!

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