Henry you’re 15 months old!!

September 21, 2017

I didn’t think I was going to do any of these types of posts really, but I actually sort of miss my little monthly updates on how Henry is progressing and developing.
I love that I can look back and see how and when Henry did different things (albeit not the exact date because I am super forgetful), and I kind of find these posts useful from other parents. It’s good to get an idea of what to expect next. I know every child is different and will hit their milestones at their own rate, but I find it really useful to know what things can be achieved as it gives you something to aim for, or helps you create ideas for new games or activities that can help develop them further.

So I’m sharing a little 15 month, or a quarterly up date on Henry in his first year. A little for others, and a lot for me!

Plus, I couldn’t not share these adorable photos from a few weekend’s ago. We were chilling after breakfast and put Henry’s wellies on (from Next) and let him run around the house. We’ve also just finished sorting our conservatory into our little adult den area and needed to sort out all Dann’s TKD belts (they all now live in a vase stacked in rank order) and decided to test one out on him. Even I have to admit he looks so so cute here!

So what does 15 months look like.

I often get this overwhelming feeling that time is just flying by, and I’ll see Henry doing something so very grown up, like helping me put his sleeve into his coat, and I just wonder how much faster this time is going by than I could ever have anticipated. It feels like both yesterday and forever ago that he was this tiny helpless newborn, and now he’s independent and head strong. I both love it and despair all at once. I think this most often hits me at meal times when he sits and eats his dinner with a fork or spoon and just seems so capable, and like I’m not really needed anymore. Then of course he’ll throw the utensil on the floor and all is resumed!

It’s both hard work and the best work all at once. Keeping a 15 month old occupied and happy, and safe, is hard and all-consuming. Having your attention drawn for just two minutes can result in spilt drinks and a toddler inside the toy basket, and possibly stuck. However, for all the effort, it is so worth it. The impromptu hugs and kisses are probably my favourite thing on earth, and although the kisses are wet, and my hair generally pulled during the hug, they are so absolutely worth the sleepless nights, and the unproductive days.

It’s very much a life of ups and downs. One minute is all laughing and joking, the next is tears because it all got a little bit too much. The tears are usually accompanied by laying in the middle of the floor too, because tantrums are at their best whilst laying on the floor. It’s also literally up and down, with lots of walking (and almost running) spinning in circles, and falling down. Oh the falling down. I swear we have more days with an accident form from nursery than without!

The littlest of things are entertaining. Including but not limited to:

Oh yeah, and he finally sleeps! Like almost always through the night. From 7pm until 5:30/6am the NEXT day! He even goes into bed awake and goes to sleep on his own! If he does wake in the night, he has a quick drink and then goes back to sleep. That year of cuddling and rocking to sleep, waking throughout the night and coming into our bed for half the night, vanished! And he did it pretty much by himself over the course of a week! So a little shout out to mama’s and dada’s struggling – they’ll find their way, I promise!

Life is good. I feel like we’re now at an age where Henry can appreciate the world around him, and all the things to see. We’ve spent many hours at our local farm and he’s becoming more and more interested and animated with seeing the animals. I find experiences so much more satisfying and worthwhile, and I think that may be one of my favourite things about this age. The constant learning and awe of the world.

Oh if only we could all see the world from a 15 month old perspective, maybe we would all be as happy as them.

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