Talking all about my tattoos + VIDEO!

September 10, 2017

I’m often asked all about my tattoos. How many do I have? Most painful one? What ones do I actually have? Where are they all? 

I’ve covered a little bit about them on my “about me” page, but I figured as I’ve started a Youtube channel, it was the perfect time to go the Tattoo Tag and really talk about all my tattoos and some of my favourite tattooists.

At the end of this post you’ll find my video, but I thought I’d also include some photos and links here too so you can have a good look!

My tattoos and tattooists:

R on ankle: Woody’s Tattoo Studio I believe the tattooist was Dave, but I can’t honestly remember!

Mum on wrist and Stars on back: Woody’s Tattoo Studio again, also not sure on tattooist!! 

Angel on shoulder blade: Lee Smith at the Tattoo Rooms

Koi Carp on wrist: Tattoo Magic in Shirley, tattooist unknown.

Pair of tigers (pictured here): Lee Smith at the Tattoo Rooms

Right sleeve inspired by Alice in Wonderland and woodland animals: Lee again! 

Green hat girl on left calf: Dani Green, now based in South Tyrol, Italy

Belle on right thigh: Dani again!

Cat in heart frame on left thigh: Jenna Kerr, done at Brighton Tattoo Convention 2014

Butterfly on base of neck: Saranna Blair, now in Weymouth

Black cat, compass and scarab beetle on left forearm: Also by Saranna

Pair of swans on left upper arm: Georgina Liliane, UK location – Gold Dagger (currently in Canada)

Orange rose and bee on inside left ankle: Aaron Dear at Gold Dagger Tattoo

Hermione Granger portrait: Madeleine June at Intense Colours Tattoo Studio

Liquid Luck bottle on left shin: Maddy again!

Niffler on left shin: Maddy….

Shell and pearl on right shin: Maddy…. again!

On publishing, but not included in my video, I will also have a badger, done by, you guessed it….. Maddy on my right shin! 

Feel free to leave me any tattoo related questions below or on my youtube video and I will do another video soon with lots of tips and advice on tattoos and their aftercare! 

7 responses to “Talking all about my tattoos + VIDEO!”

  1. Kira says:

    I absoulately your tattoos! Would love to have more myself if money wasn't an issue 🙂 x

  2. Just Motherhood says:

    Oh wow your body is like a work of art. I really appreciate peoples reason behind their tattoos and I think it is lovely we all get to express ourselves in different ways. xx

  3. Carolynne @ Mummy Endeavours says:

    Wow – they're amazing! I've lusted after a tattoo for ages but am too scared to have one! x

  4. B says:

    I've started following Jenna Kerr because of the jewels she's been doing lately! Jealous you have a piece from her!

  5. cuppiesncream says:

    You suit your tattoos so much! I don't have that many but I shared a photo on my Instagram once and received a couple of judgy messages – it really shocked me! things like "You don't look like the type of person to have a tattoo" really threw me!! I was like, what should I look like!! x

  6. Kayleigh Duncan says:

    You are an illustrated mama!You look absolutely fabulous, my parents both have tattoos but it's not something I've ever wanted as they get them for me haha. I experience no pain… win win!I love how colourful yours are… ♡

  7. coeliacwithoutborders says:

    Wow you have a lot!! I have two at the minute but I am constantly thinking about adding more!! You have tempted me 🙂

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