Thank You Notes #6 – That floral top edition

September 29, 2017

I actually feel extra motivated with this month’s Thank You notes as I’ve been reading Meik Wiking’s new book The Little Book of Lykke* and one of the recommendations is to write down things that have made you happy or grateful to help you remember the little everyday things that make your life good.

So this month has been a pretty strange one. We haven’t been overly productive, nor done a great deal, but we also haven’t had much in the way of bad days. Just days muddling along. And I’m really okay with days like that.

Thank you WearAll for this very very cute floral print wrap* top! It’s definitely my new favourite and I want to wear it constantly. It’s a fab fit and really flattering, and if you’re a bit on the boobie side a white top underneath works wonders but still allows it to look fab. Also them ruffle sleeves leave me with heart eyes!

Thank you Autumn for starting to show your golden colours and crisp-ness a little early this year (though we could do with out the rain).

Thank you Tesco for making the PERFECT yellow raincoat.

Thank you Henry for finally starting to sleep through the night – it’s amazing what a full night in bed can do!

Thank you Mama and Belle for this prettiest of teething necklaces* which we are absolutely loving right now, especially with new teeth coming!

Thank you play-group for giving us Thursday mornings filled with fun, tea and an actual mum friend.

Thank you Organix for making the tastiest, and healthiest little snacks in the form of Raspberry & Apple Soft Oaty Bars*, now in a Big Family Box! 12 bars perfect for on the go snacks, or an after swimming treat. They’re packed with flavour and I feel zero mum guilt giving them to Henry, which is just as well as he loves them!

Thank you quiet weekends for allowing me to finally get my conservatory looking like a proper room and not just a dumping ground for our junk. I think the old sofa moving in there has really made the room come together. Now to add ALL the plants possible!!

Thank you Archimedes for finally accepting that Henry absolutely adores you and just wants to stroke you all the time. We’re starting to get somewhere with these too!

*book sent to review – review will be up separately from this post. Top is a PR sample in exchange for review. Necklace is a PR sample and sent in exchange for social shares – included here as we love it so much. All opinions, as always, are my own. 

4 responses to “Thank You Notes #6 – That floral top edition”

  1. Sonia says:

    That top is absolutely gorgeous and looks perfect on you! I love all the gorgeous details especially those sleeves! x

  2. Joanna Davis says:

    The top is really beautiful and it does work really well in autumn because the red flowers on it stand out when the nature is preparing to die outside, for the winter. It suits you very well! 🙂

  3. Sarah Peasant says:

    Love the top, it looks great on you! Yay to sleeping through the night, it really is amazing how much better you feel isn't it! x

  4. Mode Lily says:

    That blouse is gorgeous, really suits you. Also I love your tatooes! so pretty. We haven't been very productive either lately but hopefully this will change next weekend. Fingers crossed 🙂

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