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Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Autumn Home Decorating

Autumn is the best season isn't it?
I pretty much think it is a holiday in itself.
I mean every holiday has it's own form of decorating, and so does autumn, and I am so on board with autumnal decorating!!

Let's be honest, an excuse for candles and pumpkins was always going to be a winner with me, and if you through in a little Halloween quirkiness it's literally like this season was for me.

So with a little help from Homesense*, I've been adding to our home with a little Autumn and Halloween decorating!

OK let's start with Pumpkins. I'm pretty obsessed with them actually and fell in love with a couple of glass ones I saw last year, however I didn't buy them! HUGE mistake! So this year I made sure I searched them out and got at least one! And I did! I'm not going to lie, this years selection wasn't as pretty as last years, but I still adore my little £9.99 beauty, and would happily have it on show all year round!

This time of year is all about the candles too, am I right, and to be frank, Homesense probably has the best range of candles of any store. Yes I will be stocking up again for Christmas, but let's first talk about Autumnal ones!
Of course I had to join the cliche gang and get one of the frosted collection that is doing the rounds. I got sugared currant because a.) it smells blooming amazing and b.) because the red glass jar is so autumn/winter I just couldn't resist it. I followed this up with this gorgeous Wood and Sage candle in the prettiest black glass pot. It's the winter pine scent and it really compliments the orange fusion candle I have on the go with it from Asda. Think Jo Malone fragrance blending and that's what I've accidentally created, and I'm a-okay with it too!
Last and by no means least, is my rustic leaves candle. It's basically autumn in a candle! Fallen leaves, brown colouring, and that oh-so-very-cute wooden pumpkin.

Last for the autumnal bits is a wreath. I adore Christmas wreaths so I just had to treat myself to an autumn one too! Our one even has little toadstools on it too!! Yay!

As for the Halloween bits, I decided to treat myself to a new mug, because let's be honest, every holiday needs an appropriate mug to drink from! Plus they have the cutest range of cards too. I'm saving this one to be put in our front window over Halloween weekend with our Halloween banner from last year! Next stop is some budget bits from Poundland.

So that's my little Homesense Autumn and Halloween haul - have you been decor hauling too?

*gift card provided in exchange for collaborative review post - all opinions, as always are my own.

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