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Eating sand and other things my toddler does that makes me pull my hair out - Illustrated Teacup

Eating sand and other things my toddler does that makes me pull my hair out

Does anyone else get up in the mornings and just wonder where their day is going to go, because to be honest, every day with a toddler brings new challenges and fun experiences.

One thing I’ve really noticed with toddlers is their sense for adventure – well at least with my toddler anyhow – and also their complete lack of fear and repercussion. I guess in some respects it is kind of wonderful. Wouldn’t it be great if we could do things without worrying about the consequences. I’m not talking criminal or really dangerous, but like taking that leap of faith, but every single day, without a worry.

Of course, most of their exploring and discovery comes at the expense of parental worrying, and stress.
I’ve talked previously about the love and worries of motherhood, which protects our littles from harm the majority of the time.

However, with all this adventure and learning comes a lot of “no’s” and “be careful’s” and the like. I’m trying very hard to step back and let Henry find out things for himself. Let him learn his own abilites, strengths, weaknesses and build his own confidence and resilience, but oh man sometimes it is so so hard…. especially when I see him doing things that literally have my hair falling out (aside from him actually physically pulling my hair out – I genuinely think a hair transplant might be the answer, I’ve even googled FUE hair transplant cost* just because!)

So what things does my toddler do that make me want to pull my hair out from the root?

Take for instance, our recent holiday, I can’t even tell you how many times I had to ask Henry NOT TO EAT THE SAND! Why must he always eat the sand? And then the next three weeks I find sand in ALL his clothes, despite not wearing them to the beach?

Or banging metal cutlery on the table, and then screaming when the offending cutlery is removed.

Climbing the back of the sofa, just because the cat can. The cat lands on his feet when he falls though… Henry does not!

Moving the small shingle from one end of the garden over to the large pebble border… I mean it’s great that he’s not eating it… oh wait, yep he’s trying to eat it too… but also, I kind of had different gravels for a reason and I hadn’t planned a mix and match look.

Rearranging the washing on the clothes rack, badly. I know he’s just “helping” but three vests piled on top of each other isn’t going to help the drying process.

Running straight for any open door, because he is an outdoor child and refuses to be locked inside.

Eating half the veggies on his plate, then deciding mid-mouthful that he no longer likes them and proceeding to dribble them out of his mouth. The sweetcorn was fine five minutes ago, but apparently now is a no!

Emptying drawers all over the floor, just for fun. And laughs when you tell him to stop. He’s basically a human Niffler.

That being said, I can not think of a more loving, caring and cuddly little boy, so all is forgiven, and my hair is given an extra spritz of dry shampoo and a bit of a back comb to hide the bald patches (there aren’t any bald patches… yet).

What things does your toddler do that makes you want to pull your hair out?

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