Photobook fun with Lifecake

October 22, 2017

We’re a little obsessed with photos… in case you hadn’t noticed. 

I take literally so many, and I can’t share them all on social media. Well I could but I think a lot of people would probably start to get a little frustrated with the photo spam. 

And I really think my photography addiction has escalated since I had Henry. I just don’t want to miss a cute photo opportunity, or capture a memory. 

Although I do really believe in being in the moment too, I just can’t help having a camera in hand to grab those candid moments and the fun family photos. Plus I have literally the worst memory, so I find having photographic evidence really helpful for remembering all our little adventures and family moments. 

Since last year, we’ve been using the Lifecake app to store a good (read very high) percentage of Henry’s photos. These include ones of him on his own, but also family ones too. And we basically have an online photobook, in time order (the app reads the meta data of the image and orders them in date order based on the image information – though you can edit if it isn’t correct). You can read all about the app in this post from last December – look out for the very cute Henry photos at six months old!!

Although I do love having all our images backed up (again… I literally have our photos backed up in so many places as I worry I’m going to lose them all!) and the timeline is fab, nothing beats real printed images. 

I, of course, have photo albums to put my printed off images, because they are my ultimate faves. But I also really love photobooks, especially as gifts. 

Lifecake have now introduced their own photobook* service, and I was asked to make a little video all about the process.

I’ve embedded the video at the end of this post for – apologies for the slightly tinny voice recording, I’m still getting the hang of this ol’ Youtube malarky! 

Basically, to sum up, the book is so simple to create, based on the photos you’ve uploaded to the Lifecake app. It takes about five days to make from ordering and is posted out to you. 

The quality of the book is amazing, and I love that it’s a square rather than the traditional rectangle shape. 

Basically if you’re looking for a great gift, or want to keep your favourite photos to hand for those nostalgic moments (we all have them right?) then this is for you. 

Sign up for the app is completely free and includes 10GB free storage (to give you an idea I’m currently at 16.9% and we have 16 months worth of images, which is probably several hundred images, so 10GB is a lot of space). If you want unlimited space its £27 for the year, or £3.99 per month. 

You can get 25% off your photobook order with my code “teacup” too. Just in time for Christmas. 

*photobook provided free of charge to be included in collaborative Youtube video for Lifecake – all opinions both in the video and within this blog post are my own. This blog post is not part of the collaboration, but I wanted to elaborate on the video. 

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