The parenting happiness gap, and why I’m happier now as a parent

October 29, 2017

I strangely enjoy reading about happiness. 

I mean who doesn’t love things that make you happy, and can lead you to having a happier life. 

If you consider how much negativity there is in the world, finding ways to increase your own personal happiness can only be a bonus right? 

What I find most interesting about the whole ‘happiness concept’ is how competitive it is. Who’s happier? Women or Men? Adults or Children? The rich or the poor? Parents or non-parents?

And that last one is the one I want to talk about most.

Apparently parents are definitely less happy than their non-parent counter-parts. 

I don’t know that I can agree with that statement. 

Sure I’ve had many many happy times through out my life, and in general have had a pretty happy life too, with limited amounts of drama. 

But having a family. That’s the best happiness. You can’t buy that kind of happiness. 

For some people that might not be what makes them happy. Travel and money and a full nights sleep might make them happy, and that is totally fine.

But for me, what makes me more happy than anything is growing my family. 

I’ve always wanted a big family with lots of animals (I swear I was a farm girl in another life) and nothing makes me happier seeing it grow (yay for new baby bunnies!). 

So I thought I’d write a list of some of the things that are better/happier with kids, as a gentle reminder that although the nights are interrupted, the house is always a mess, and they can drive us utterly barmy at times, the best times are with kids. 

Henry’s happy bounce when he’s really excited, which usually includes a few spins, is one of my favourite sights on the planet. 

We’ve done so many new things in the last year and a half, all because we want to give Henry as much life experience and socialising as possible.

Kids laughter is the best medicine. 

Alongside cuddles. Cuddles from toddlers are squirmy and sometimes over too fast, but they’re the best. 

Especially if they are sleepy snuggly cuddles.

Travel is even more fun. Seeing new places, through the eyes of a kid, is pretty amazing. Yes it is about 1000x more stressful and hard work, but so much more worth it. 

Seeing them learning new things is so rewarding and brings you so much happiness. They’re so proud of themselves, it’s impossible not to be proud too. 

So what about you? What makes you happy? 

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