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Tuesday, 3 October 2017

The start of Autumn

Autumn is the best. Autumn walks are better. Family Autumn walks might just be the best thing ever.

We decided to celebrate the arrival of autumn with a little autumnal walk (and fashion shoot, and well actually there was a lot of photo taking really) and make the most of the best season before winter arrives. 

Now I would apologise for the sheer number of photos in this post but I just love so many of them. 
I know we're incredibly lucky to live so close to so many country parks, and I think they are at their best in September and October when the colours are starting to change and become those tonal warm oranges and reds that I adore. 

We decided that a Saturday afternoon in the woods was the perfect way to spend some time as a family.
We love to get out and explore, and I think as we've become a family, getting outdoors has been more and more important to us.

I don't really have a point with this blog post to be honest, apart from just wanting to share a bunch of photos.

^^ my favourite discovery of the trip was this craved log bench which was utterly amazing!! ^^

^^ yes they are wearing matching baseball tees!! ^^

^^ my new favourite photo of Henry on his own <3 ^^

^^ teaching Henry to jump off into our arms, specifically for his swim lessons ^^



  1. Autumn is the absolute best time of the year. You have many points for this bog. The pictures are beautiful, the season is right and you spent quality time with your family. It doesn't get any better than that!

  2. I love when you say you don't have a point with this blog post, you just want to share the photos. I don't blame you. Your family are gorgeous! You all look so happy. The country park looks lovely, you are lucky to live near them. Also, I love the lipstick you're wearing - gorgeous shade!

  3. I love autumn. I think it can make anything look beautiful. The photos are beautiful so totally worth a blog post. I'm about an hour from Southampton And have so many walks, parks, countryside nearby.

  4. Wow, what beautiful photos! I especially love the ones of your little boy - how cute is he - and the one looking upwards through the tree branches. We're big fans of autumn walks too, and I'm hoping I can get out for a walk tomorrow :-)

  5. I can see why you would want to share these photos; they are lovely and I have to agree that nothing quite beats a walk in autumn! It's a great way to see the gorgeous autumnal colours and brush out the cobwebs :D

  6. They are such beautiful photographs. I just love that log bench! :)


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