Welcome to Paradise…. Wildlife Park

November 19, 2017

About seven years ago, okay, almost exactly seven years ago, Dann took me to a zoo for my 21st birthday and paid for me to be a big cat keeper for the day. It was probably the best gift I’ve ever received and has stayed with me as one of the best experiences of my life, and paved the way for my trip to South Africa in 2012.

So when we were invited back to Paradise Wildlife Park* I jumped at the chance. Taking Henry to a place that holds such great memories was an absolute must, and as it just so happened to be my birthday weekend, it was the perfect excuse.

We also took along Danns sister and her girls to have a big family trip out and it was all kinds of perfect.

So Paradise is pretty hidden away, you have to watch out for those signs, but don’t let it’s semi secret location deter you. The Wildlife Park is actually a great size with a fab range of animals, as well as food places and play areas. 

The littles has plenty of space to run around and almost every part of the zoo is pushchair friendly, including the tiger rooftops. 

Probably the little ones favourite part of the zoo was the goat enclosure as they could stroke the incredibly friendly African Goats. Henry was completely in his element. 

Second favourite was pressing their faces up against the glass to see the animals, and in Henry’s case, licking it… Sorry for the kiss marks!! 

For Dann and I it was kind of special wandering around and seeing all the changes since we were last there, and recognising enclosures that were there seven years ago, showing how well the zoo cares for their animals and how important conservation is for certain species. 

One major development was the play areas. Now admittedly they may well have been there seven years ago, but we wouldn’t have paid much attention but as parents of a particularly active toddler, play areas are big news for us. 

We particularly liked that some of the play areas were undercover so could be used in any weather, which is handy with British winters. 

They all loved the giant rainbow slide and the main play area near the entrance was perfect for getting out some last minute wiggles before the drive home. 

We had a brilliant time and it’s definitely going on our list for future summers too or even winters, because zoos and animal woolly hats might be the cutest thing ever!!

*Family ticket provided in exchange for review. All opinions, as always, are my own.

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