Why we’re not a perfect outfit family

November 17, 2017

The other day on the way to nursery with Henry it kind of hit me that his outfit was pretty ridiculous! And I have to admit right now, it was partly my doing, so I can’t entirely blame Dann for the “dad outfit”.
So on this particular day he was wearing
A white long-sleeve vest
A black t-shirt
A handmade Flash romper (from his very talented Auntie Sammie)
An orange and grey dribble bib
Bright green Dinosaur wellies
A dinosaur woolly hat (it was cold, hence the extra t-shirt layer and the hat.)

And I realised that literally none of that matched – apart from the wellies and hat.

The thing is I wasn’t and am still not embarrassed by the outfit – though I’m sure teenage Henry will have a thing or two to say about that outfit choice, and this blog post if he ever sees it in the future.

I guess I realised I’m just not the “stereotypical Instagram mum”. Henry’s outfits don’t all co-ordinate. His entire wardrobe isn’t one or two colours in varying shades, it’s a rainbow of different colours, fabrics and textures.
Try as I might he just isn’t a capsule wardrobe kid, and he has a real wide range of outfits.

Don’t get me wrong I do love a good “instagram wardrobe” – Ash Reid has probably the most perfectly co-ordinated kids dressed in the most lovely shades of white, greys, blues and pinks. All pastel and seemingly perfect (though I’m sure/I really hope, they get messy sometimes!). Or Kirsty and her gorgeous boy Harrison. His braces and blue shoes, and the occasional (ok fairly often, but they do live in Scotland) woolly hat are literal outfit goals. He’s probably my favourite dressed kid – aside from Henry!

And I have to admit Henry’s 18-24 month wardrobe is fairly co-ordinated, but it’s also a bit of a hodge-podge, with dinos and woodland creates combined. The colours, greens, mustards, and greys, may all match but I’m not sure the rest does!

But I’m OK with not being the perfectly dressed Instagram mama. He’s not perfectly dressed, and I certainly am not. I’m a jeans or midi skirt with raglan tee kind of gal, so it stands to reason that Henry’s outfits might be a little off the fashion mark. And that suits Henry down to the ground. He’s a fun, creative and quirky kid, so why shouldn’t his fashion follow suit?!
Plus we all know he’s going to go through that phase of picking his own clothes, and they’re going to make my outfit choices look positively magazine-esque.

So what I’m saying, the whole point of this post, is it’s OK not to be as perfectly put together as instagram says you should, and it’s OK to be perfectly co-ordinated too. Wear what makes you happy and comfortable. It’s that’s all white (well I applaud you for one thing) then wear it with pride. If you want to clash red and pink, do it! If you want to wear braces and Mary Janes, rock it out.

For us, we’re no perfect outfit family, but we’re comfy, happy and a little bit messy, and that’s a-okay with me. 

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