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Friday, 3 November 2017

Yellow Coats and Sea Views

Aren't these matching coats just the cutest?
After falling in love with this photo on Pinterest, I knew I had to get matching coats for Henry and I.

It's always been a bit harder to do the matching outfits thing. It's not quite so easy as the mum and daughter co-ordinated dresses (and no lie, if I ever have a daughter, you can be sure that I will do doing matching dresses!) but I'll take the mum and son clothes when I can.

We decided to go for a walk in the local country park and go down to the crabbing beach in wellies and coats. We obviously had to stop and say hello to every dog on our way through the woodland, though I did get this perfectly timed photograph of a hug from Henry, which is now my ultimate favourite photo. I'm not sure anything can beat it now!

We sat out on the water, and even had a little paddle, which did ultimately lead to a full on meltdown when I wouldn't let him walk in too far as he was trying to get sea water inside his boots. 

I'm really looking forward to the years to come when we can take him down here to go crabbing and have a picnic by the water, but for now, matching coats and sea views will just have to do!

Our coats are Tesco (mine) and Asda (Henry's) though they keep coming out and in stock.


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