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Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Your one stop cosy Christmas shop

Who knew the Christmas with a toddler would be so hard and so much fun all at once.

It's exhausting keeping up with Henry, but seeing the wonder and excitement on his face is definitely worth the early nights.

Alongside trying to be super organised, and only partially failing, we're taking advantage of stores that can cover multiple needs at once, because convenience is the name of the game when you have a little one in tow too!

On top of present buying, we're also in need of our family Christmas essentials, and nothing says Christmas like cosy, food filled days at home with your favourite people.
Enter Morrison's* with their one stop shop for all your Christmas needs.

Start with your homeware and a cosy blanket, add food (obviously), keep the kids entertained with toys and a DVD (hello Christmas Eve box) and finish with their HUGE range of cards. 

Christmas entirely covered and cosy all in one place. 

*Post in collaboration with Morrisons

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  1. Morrisons have a wonderful selection of Christmas bits and pieces this year; they're definitely my go-to supermarket. All of their products are such great value too! Chloe x


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