What to expect with an 18 month old (and some unexpected things too)

January 24, 2018

2018 is already flying by which I think is one of the symptoms of having a small child – the months just seem to fly by and you’re constantly trying to work out where you are in each month.

Back in December, Henry turned 18 months old, but due to lots of pregnancy nausea/sickness/fatigue/can’t be arsedness I never got around to doing a little update on his progress. So apologies this is more of a 19 month update, which now I’ve typed it, makes him feel EVEN older!

So what can you expect at 18 months of age?

A whirlwind of activity. 
I mean Henry has always been a busy and active kid, but since getting that little bit older it’s he never stops! On the plus side though he is huge amounts of fun and he walks and runs really well so there’s less carrying which is always a good thing on a poor mama’s back.

So many words.
I swear we get a new word every day, and every day I’m pretty astounded by it. I knew kids absorb information like sponges but when they randomly repeat a word back to you that you’ve never said before it is insane – our top words have been badger, because they’re a family favourite, and tractor which I said one time to him, and now he’s obsessed with everything being a tractor if it was wheels.
We seem to inadvertently have started with animals as first words so we have cat, dog, chicken, horse, sheep, badger, monkey and rabbit,so to be honest we’re pretty proud Hufflepuffs over here!

Actually understands you.
So alongside learning words we’ve been showing Henry the animals and he can actually identify certain animals if you ask him to show you them. Which I have to admit I was pretty proud of. Ask him for the giraffe, sheep,dog or horse and he will pick it out of his animals for you. 

I half expected the tantrums, but that doesn’t make them any less embarrassing when your child decides to throw himself on the floor midway round Ikea! Luckily Henry isn’t too stroppy, but he is quite determined so I think we have many more meltdowns to see in our future.

Proper playtime.
It’s kind of amazing how much Henry has developed and will sit and play with his toys. We’re huge fans of Happyland toys because he loves the animals and buildings, and particularly the tractor. They’re chunky and simple and we just really love them. And Henry does too. And don’t even get me started on play kitchens. There’s something about seeing your kid copy what you’ve been doing which is so fulfilling.

The best cuddles. 
I think this age is just brilliant. They start learning to show proper emotion, and although that does include frustration, it also includes love and kindness. And that means the biggest of cuddles. They’re the best and if you get a wet, open-mouthed kiss too, then all the better. Because nothing beats cuddles and kisses from a toddler. At least not in my humble opinion.

10 responses to “What to expect with an 18 month old (and some unexpected things too)”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Ah I remember that age.Hate to break it to you but things get worse 😣

  2. Emma Lambert says:

    Aaw he is adorable! I completely forgot what my first daughter was like at 18 months old! x

  3. The Breastest News says:

    Tha tantrums of frustration are pretty hard but the cute cuddles make everything all better. Love the photos, he's so cute x

  4. Kira says:

    Oh he is just too cute!! And such a lovely age isn’t it x

  5. Rachael Blakey says:

    He is so cute! I’m so excited to see what Teddy will be like at this age 😍 xx

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