13 thoughts about brunching with the girls at Vospers

February 18, 2018

This is a collaborative review post*

Is there anything better on a Saturday then a whole load of food and drinks with lots of girly chat?
I don’t think much beats it to be honest.

Brunch has to be one of my absolute favourite meals, because the combination of bacon, sausage, pancakes, muffins, eggs with tea, coffee and juice, with the occasional cocktail (or currently for me, mocktails) thrown in for good measure, is just perfect.

And any self-respecting blogger is likely to agree (of course no judgement if you’re not a fan, but how?!?!?) so get a bunch of bloggers together and offer them brunch and you’ve got a very happy bunch of camera toting foodies.

I thought I’d share just some thoughts whilst brunching at Vospers*.

Pot of tea, or decaff coffee? Coffee for sure, I’ll pretend to get the caffeine buzz.

Pancakes or a muffin, pancake or a muffin, pancakes or a muffin…. Pancakes.

Oh yay my latte came in the Instagrammable cup.

I wonder who will be the first to start on the Mimosa’s??

Oh man the sausage patties look GOOD!! I should have ordered an extra.

Next time, I’m definitely getting a side of sausage pattie, and maybe eggs too.

Although the veggie muffin looks good too… though I’d need some bacon, which does defeat the object entirely.

So much choice, not enough room in my stomach!

Pancakes swimming in maple syrup… love it! And crispy streaky bacon.

Just a small break required to snap lots of brunch flatlays for Instagram.

I mean if you don’t Gram it, did it even happen?

So very full of pancakes now. Still wish I’d gotten a pattie, but I’m coming for you next time!

Now I need a lie down.

Our newest brunch provider is the cosy Vospers in Woolston, Southampton which serves brunch until 2pm on the weekends, followed by the best burgers and cocktails for dinner.
Based on their infamous burgers, the Vospers brunch menu is made up of muffins, pancakes and toast based items, all with locally sourced ingredients.

On top of the great food, there’s a collection of breakfast cocktails and smoothies perfect for any instagram girls morning get-together.

*brunch provided by Vospers in collaboration with Sotonbloggers. Full disclaimer here.

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