Money-saving Mama – a mini guide to cost saving for baby no.2

February 14, 2018

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Everyone knows that babies are expensive right?
Well they are initially and then they sort of level out a bit, and then they get a bit expensive again, and you just go through money cycles.

Then you have the GENIUS idea to have a second baby.
Because, you know, it wasn’t THAT expensive the first time, so I shouldn’t be so bad the second time! Right?

Well with a little planning, it doesn’t have to be so bad.

There are places you can save money, with your first, second, third or sixth child.

So the obvious starting point, when it comes to a second baby, is to reuse the stuff that you bought for the first. We, fortunately, kept pretty much everything (our loft is pretty full) including clothes in sized boxes, the travel system (we’re currently using a stroller) and toys, so we’re fairly well kitted out. We will have to go through all the boxes to work out what actually can be re-used and what probably shouldn’t.

However this isn’t always an option for second born babies, especially if they are born in opposite seasons (both our boys are/will be summer babies so this isn’t an issue for us) so clothing can get a bit pricey.

Step one on the clothing cost-saving is hand me downs from friends. We actually have quite a lot of second hand bits from family and friends, and they’re actually some of our favourite outfits and toys, take for instance the wooden dolls house in Henry’s to-be bedroom. We were given it by a work colleague of Dann’s and it is very loved in our house. It’s nice knowing there is a bit of extra history to a particular sleepsuit.

If you don’t have anyone to turn to, then eBay and Facebay could very well be your friend. Lots of mums tend to sell on their good quality to other mums in bulk (usually meaning lots of Next and Mamas and Papas clothing at a fraction of the price!) which saves a fortune. The only downside is the shipping usually but Shiply has the answer with affordable local and large delivery options.

You can also delve through your local charity shops, though personally we prefer toys from there over clothes. But toys get just as expensive as clothes as they grow and develop so fast!

For a bit of real nostalgia, we also have a few bits from our pasts – well specifically Dann’s as my mum isn’t one for keeping things unnecessarily – so both boys will sleep in his old crib. It’s over 30 years old and still in perfect condition, though we have replaced the mattress for safety reasons. It’s pretty nice knowing we have a proper piece of history in our home. And don’t even get me started on the old school dungarees that are possibly my favourite things ever for Henry to wear. 

And lastly we have sale shopping. Yes it can be very hit and miss, but every so often, I’ve found some great bargains, especially with winter coats and jumpers. Next have a pretty great sale, you just have to be one of the early birds to get the real choice. I also found TK Maxx to be quite good for smaller sizes and grobags.
Also you won’t realise how great supermarket clothes actually are until you have a kid, and then realise that F and F and George both have incredible baby and kids clothing collections – also the first walker shows from both are fab, and a fraction of the price of Clarks (sorry not sorry). And if you’re looking for toys, then Aldi special buys are going to be your best friend. Our wooden car garage (pictured) and wooden kitchen were both from there and they were so affordable, and great quality too.

So what are your money saving tips for parents?

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3 responses to “Money-saving Mama – a mini guide to cost saving for baby no.2”

  1. Maisie Gibbons says:

    Hand me downs are the way forward for sure! We're so lucky that we were given lots of clothes and toys from family and friends! Local Facebook selling groups are great too! x

    • Rachel Bradford says:

      Yeah we got so many hand me downs. We'd have even more if we had a girl as we have lots of little nieces and girl friends! x

  2. Megan Hunt says:

    I really wish I'd kept more of Arthur's clothes for a future child as I would really like to have another at some point! I ended up giving a lot of his away to friends though, so at least they've been put to good use. I'll definitely be keeping the 'big ticket' items like the travel system, cot etc 'just in case' :)Great post!Megan @ Seek My Scribbles

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