10 thoughts when getting ready for a road trip

February 10, 2018

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Road trips aren’t just for newly loved up couples and free-spirited teens out for their next adventure.
We quite often go on road trips as a family, especially as we live some miles away from our respective families.

However, road trips as a family are much less care-free, and definitely need a lot more planning. Jumping in the car and just driving into the sunset isn’t really an option with out at least two checklists, an assortment of bags, and a couple of arguments thrown in.

At the very least you have to get yourself organised, then there’s the kids and their menagerie of toys, clothes, wipes and other necessities.
Then there’s the car. Because to be honest, prior to kids, a little bit of rust really wasn’t an issue, and that squeaky brake was drowned out by the badass roadtrip playlist you put together. However, now you have kids and you’re basically putting them inside a metal death trap, so every safety precaution is needed… right now!

So here’s some parental thoughts whilst getting ready for a road trip!

I wonder if Henry will sleep the entire journey if we time it right? That would be peaceful.

Do we have enough snacks for Henry, preferably ones that won’t create six tonnes of crumbs across the back seats.

Should we refill the screen wash? I wonder if Dann got the nice bubblegum scented one, because everyone wants yummy smelling windows.

Is there a services on route? I hope so because pregnancy bladder is very real. And kids pee… a lot!

I hope it has a McDonalds too. No roadtrip is complete without a McDonalds on the way.

When did we last check the tyres? Actually when did we last change them? Maybe I should mention to Dann about updating the tyres (Brands like Jet Wheel Tyre help you to choose car tyres that best suit your usage) not that I know much on tires. They should definitely not be flat though!

And thinking of safety, should I read up on the manual so I know what all the dashboard lights mean??? Just in case?? (side note – I still only know half the lights)

Have we got our emergency kit stocked up? I bet the nappies are the wrong size! Oh and snacks, definitely need to check it has snacks. Snacks are very important!

That brake squeaking is actually very annoying. Not unsafe, but very annoying. 

Oh and what about the windscreen wipers? How new are they? Are they going to squeak too? Because I don’t think I can survive an entire car journey with squeaking wipers and brakes, as well as a probably squeaking toddler. 

See, it’s all sunshine and roses when you’re a parent trapped in a car! 

What do you think about ahead of a road trip with your kids?

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