When the second trimester isn’t all sunshine and rainbows

February 7, 2018

I’m a few weeks into the second trimester – in fact getting scarily close to the half way mark – and I have to say I was not prepared.

I’ve done an entire pregnancy. 

I have friends who have done it all too. 

And I believed the rumours that the second pregnancy is easier if your first was uncomplicated. 

It’s all lies!! 

I’m 99% certain I got to the second trimester and boom, my body just started giving up. 

I’d struggled with fatigue and nausea/sickness during the first trimester, far worse than I did with Henry, but 12 weeks hit and it got so much worse. 

I spent days throwing up, sometimes a casual two times, other days up to eight times in a day. Then the following days were a struggle of nausea and not wanting to eat and making my stomach hate me more. Plus I was knackered. I have a toddler. 

Early in the new year I had to admit defeat and call my doctors for help. 

I’m not really one for taking drugs at the best of times as I don’t like masking symptoms too much, and even more so when pregnant as even the safe ones make me a little anxious. But I was getting to my limit. I’d had a solid week of illness, vomiting and barely able to eat. I wasn’t able to function and I couldn’t work or look after Henry (thank goodness for Dann and his very understanding boss!). I was prescribed nausea tablets, which helped enormously. After a couple of days I was finally able to start eating again – even if it was super uncomfortable and had me in tears half the time – and start to gain back the weight I’d lost (it turns out in about two weeks I’d lost almost a stone in weight which obviously isn’t ideal or healthy – and even now at 18 weeks I’m lighter than I was at 9 weeks).

Of course my struggles didn’t end there, and I’m now battling bad back pains – possibly from being unwell and spending an inordinate amount of time in the bathroom or in bed – so hot water bottles are now my best friend whilst I try to wait and see if my back improves by itself. 

However none of this takes away from the fact that I love that I am pregnant again. I’m over the moon happy. But it has been hard. And there have been some very dark days when I’ve almost dared to wish it all away, just to feel like me again. 

But I know it isn’t forever. And that baby at the end will be so worth every visit to the loo and every twinge in my back. 

For some, the second trimester doesn’t start so great, but hopefully it can only get better!

4 responses to “When the second trimester isn’t all sunshine and rainbows”

  1. Maisie Gibbons says:

    OH hun!! I’m so sorry to hear you’ve been so poorly! I felt worse in my second trimester with Tyler than my first trimester! Luckily I was never very sick though! Hope the rest of your pregnancy is less sicky! xx

    • Rachel Bradford says:

      It's definitely improving at the moment thank goodness! It's so weird how this pregnancy has been so very different!

  2. The Breastest News says:

    Hugs lovely, it's not easy growing a baby. You're doing the best you can. I struggled with tiredness and feeling sick during my second pregnancy but felt my first was harder. He was a huge baby and I was very sore with my hips x

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