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Thursday, 19 April 2018

What I've been reading 2018: part 2

Books and tea make the world go round!
Or at least they make the world a bit of a nicer lace at the very least.

Although I must admit my reading has definitely slowed down in the past few weeks, I have managed to get through some pretty great books over the past couple of months since my last reading list. In fact, two of these have to be my favourite books of the year so far! 

The Amber Spyglass by Philip Pullman
I actually finished this the day after I published my last reading list because I loved it. I literally read the whole book in four days (which is pretty fast considering I can only really read when Henry is asleep) and I was both happy to finish and gutted all at once. I loved how all the stories linked together and the most beautiful and moral ending, which had me in complete tears.

Origin by Dan Brown
I have to admit I love Dan Brown's books. I have all of them (though I still haven't read The Lost Symbol) and find them so easy and fun to read. They aren't the most literary books, but for some escapism they are absolutely perfect. The latest in the Robert Langdon collection is set in Spain, between Madrid and Barcelona and intertwines religion, science and technology into an intriguing and fast-paced story. I literally read this in two days because I couldn't put it down.

Nothing Stays Buried by P.J.Tracey
One of my favourite crime fiction authors, this is a slightly shorter book than her/their previous novels. The books used to be written by a mother and daughter, but this book is the daughters first book on her own after the passing of her mother. However she writes seamlessly in line with the previous books continuing the story of the Monkeywrench team and the Minneapolis Homicide Department. Although I don't think any book from this collection will compare to the first this book was a nice break from a lot of fantasy fiction.

Caraval by Stephanie Garber
OMG this book was everything I hoped it would be. I had seen so many people rave about it on social media, so I absolutely had to buy it. Similar in style to His Dark Materials, it's another fantasy fiction but with a more adult feel. I genuinely couldn't put this down and loved every part of the story about Scarlett and Julian. Although I have to admit I really disliked Scarlett's character in the beginning, the ending, which I only half predicted, was perfect. And of course it's been left on a very good cliffhanger, so I'm very much looking forward to May when the sequel Legendary is released.

So that's my most recent reads!
If you have any recommendations for my Amazon list, it me up in the comments below, or tweet me!
And if you want to read any of my previous book reviews, find them all here.


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