22 little things you can do as a family to be more eco-friendly

May 31, 2018

I’ve been working on this post for the last few weeks compiling as big a list as possible of little things you can do as a family to reduce your impact on the environment.

It’s something I’ve become more and more aware of as I’ve gotten older, and especially so since having Henry and knowing that I need to teach him how to treat our planet. He’s already an avid fan of David Attenborough and his wildlife shows (yes, a very proud parent moment when he pointed at the TV saying David!) and adores all animals, so it really is more and more important that we show him the best ways of leaving a good planet behind for future generations.

I’m not saying we do everything in this list, but we’re well on our way to doing a good chunk of it, and making progress with others. And I think that’s the important thing, that we’re at least trying. Every little steps help a little bit.

Buy re-usable or eco nappies and wipes.

Put a compost bin in the garden for garden cuttings.

Make your own puree pouches instead of buying pre-made. You can even buy re-usable pouches to full at home so less packaging is going in the bin.

Utilise your recycling bins for food waste and general recycling.

Share a bath – it saves water, just too up for a second one.

Buy a bamboo toothbrush instead of plastic.

Use a water butt for the garden plants instead of a hose from the tap.

Wash at 30/40 degrees.

Use an airer to dry your washing instead of tumble drying. Yes it’s longer but it saves so much energy. And make the most of the sunshine when you can.

Buy a collection of tote bags in all shapes and sizes and make sure you’ve got one in all yout normal bags. Primark do some great collectable tote bags in a range of sizes.

Try soap bars instead of liquid soap. Less waste, especially if you get Lush ones where you can even recycle the paper.

Grow your own veggies and herbs, plus this is fun for the while family.

Plant bee friendly flowers, because we live the bees. Lavender and honeysuckle are both great for bees and easy to look after.

Walk, cycle or use public transport where you can.

Donate your unwanted clothes and accessories. We utilise the through-the-door collections so we send next to nothing to land fill.

Sell old furniture and toys. Facebook marketplace and Gumtree are great for selling or even donating on. Or try the British Heart Foundation if you want to donate big furniture for a good cause. They’ll even arrange collection for you.

Install solar-powered lights in your garden.

Use a cloth/spray/bleach combo instead of wipes to clean your kitchen and bathroom. The cloth can then be cleaned and re-used, and no wipes going to the dump.

Shop your groceries at a farm shop where you can. It’s supporting locals, less mileage and usually a better product too!

Support local businesses. Again less manufacturing costs and energy used, and it feels pretty great.

Don’t charge your phone etc over night. Its just using energy you don’t need to.

Be inventive with your leftovers. Got loads of spare potato and veggies, make potato cakes or bubble and squeak. Fruit going past its best, make a smoothie batch.

What do you and your family do to be a bit more eco-friendly?

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