Gimme all the carbs – my pregnancy cravings

May 22, 2018

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Most women will experience cravings during their pregnancy – for me, that’s currently macaroni cheese and blackcurrant with lemonade! Literally, I could eat Dann’s homemade macaroni cheese every night of the week and I’d be one very happy pregnant lady! As for the blackcurrant and lemonade, apparently I’m a fizz girl when it comes to pregnancy, going against the tradition of sweet cravings mean a girl!!

With Henry I only really craved twiglets (during my first and second trimesters) and fizzy apple drinks. Apple Tango still reminds me of being pregnant with Henry.

Many cravings are just due to the whole range of hormonal and biological changes that happen whilst pregnant, but some cravings can be a sign that you’re lacking in some vitamins or nutrients.

The pregnancy vitamin experts over at Vitabiotics Pregnacare* carried out a survey to find out more about what we crave during pregnancy, and what this really means about your body and health.

Sweet treats

Many women find themselves reaching for chocolate, cake and other sweet treats whilst pregnant, and being able to indulge guilt-free is one of the great things about pregnancy!

During pregnancy, most us of us will find ourselves getting more tired than usual and the ‘afternoon slump’ normally involves a lot more slump than usual. Pregnancy affects our blood sugar levels, and when these drop it can leave us feeling exhausted. Sweet treats can provide a quick hit of sugar that helps to give an energy boost, which is why many women find themselves reaching for a sugary snack during pregnancy.


Ice is a common pregnancy craving, but research hasn’t determined why the cold crunch of it is so tempting for pregnant women.

It’s suspected that our bodies crave ice to help boost our hydration, which requires us to drink more fluids than usual whilst pregnant.
Another school of thought is that ice cravings can be a symptom of an iron deficiency. Although this hasn’t been proven, many women find that once they start taking an iron supplement their craving goes away.
If you find yourself crunching away on ice cubes, it’s worth a visit to your GP to make sure your hydration and iron levels are okay.

Spicy food

Whilst pregnant, your tolerance to spice is higher, so it’s no wonder that many pregnant women love a curry during their pregnancy. Spicy food can make indigestion and heartburn symptoms worse, so make sure to only eat curry and other hot foods in moderation if you experience these issues.

Salty snacks

Blood pressure can drop during the first two trimesters, leaving you feeling tired and dizzy. If you’re feeling the effects of low blood pressure, you might find yourself craving salty snacks such as crisps, pickled or salted nuts.

Although salty snacks are fine when consumed from time to time, make sure you’re not overindulging as this can lead to health problems such as high blood pressure.
If you’re worried about your blood pressure or salt intake, talk to your midwife or GP for advice.

Weird and wonderful cravings

Some women experience a condition called pica during pregnancy, where they have extreme cravings for unusual food combinations, or even non-food items. Pica can include cravings for items such as:



Washing powder

Mud and dirt

Although pica doesn’t normally mean you’re deficient in anything, it’s important to make sure that satisfying your cravings doesn’t put you or baby at risk of any harm. Use common sense and avoid dangerous products such as those above, and speak to your midwife or GP for extra support.

Have you experienced any weird cravings whilst pregnant? Let me know, I love hearing about them!!

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