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Sunday, 27 May 2018

Oceanarium Adventures - The Ordinary Moments

There's something about being surrounded by water that is just so soothing, and Aquariums are the perfect place for exploring, learning and chilling all in one place. 

We've taken Henry to a few aquariums/oceanariums over the last couple of years. They're perfect for a winter escape, and make a great sensory experience too. Henry has always loved them, and now he's getting older, he's getting even more benefit from them. 

On our way to Poole earlier in the month, we decided to stop off in Bournemouth and have a little explore and show Henry another seaside. 
Being typically British, it was absolutely freezing and blowing up a stiff wind by the water, so we headed indoors to Bournemouth's seafront Oceanarium. 

Although the place isn't the biggest, admittedly they never usually are, we had a good couple of hours have a wander around, and got to go around twice.

I have to admit I really love the photos we got, and being a Friday in term time, meant it was relatively quiet, plus 2 for 1 on adult tickets. 
Photos in an Oceanarium isn't the easiest either with so much blue and glass.These have had a little balancing with the warmth setting, and obviously were shot without the flash. And all on my phone, because apparently I'm a terrible blogger and totally forgot to pick up my camera when we set off on holiday, so had to rely on my phone for all our photos! FYI portrait mode is a life saver for getting really great photos on your phone. 

Some more photos below! 

The Ordinary Moments

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  1. I can never take decent photos at aquariums - the darkness combined with the bright tanks just doesn't work for me. But your photos are stunning! It sounds like the perfect day out x


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