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May 20, 2018

Sunny weeks and weekends mean more adventures, and I am so down with this.

I feel like Spring and Summer is so freeing.

I love Autumn and Winter for all the cosy days at home, the comfort food, and Hygge feels, but I also feel closed off and shut away during those darker months, and I think that really affects how I feel in general.

The first signs of blossoms and florals, and semi-consistent sunshine, lift my mood almost instantly. With longer days and better weather, we get out more, and not just as a family. I make the effort to go outside more, visit places, just be outside of our safe haven, and that alone is enough to make me feel like I’m being more productive and less alone.

Because that’s the problem with staying in all the time, it gets lonely. Even when you’re with other people.

You can be surrounded by your family, but still feel the crushing blows of loneliness. Motherhood, actually parenthood in general, although being one of the most rewarding roles on the planet, is also the hardest and most overwhelming, and it can feel like you’re fighting against the world just to keep afloat. 

But in the Summer months I feel like I’m a better parent. I feel like I cope with the tantrums better and the create better opportunities for memories. I feel like being outside is good not only for Henry, but also for me. 

Even just a simple explore of the local beach and woods, a quick visit to the play park and a good run-around is enough to set me up for a good week.

And that’s just what we did a few weekends ago. 

Not only are we making memories, teaching Henry new things and showing him new places, but we’re improving our own mental health too. Because it’s hard to feel lonely when you’re out and about and enjoying the sunshine. And it wouldn’t be a blogger trip without a shed load of photos too!! I think these might just be some of my new favourite photos of us, and the Netley Abbey grounds are definitely the perfect background for family photos! 

And big thanks to the guy who got a pretty cute family photo for us…. even if we have got a dummy in the shot! 

The Ordinary Moments

3 responses to “Summertime feels less lonely – The Ordinary Moments”

  1. Laura - Dear Bear and Beany says:

    I definitely find parenting easier in the summer. There are more options for doing things or you can just hang out in the garden. My mood lifts too and I'm more of a yes mum!

  2. Laura Steer // Little Ladies Big World says:

    What lovely photos and I whole heartily agree with you I feel like it is a little bit of freedom and a little bit easier parenting to boot x #TheOrdinaryMoments

  3. What the Redhead said says:

    Everything is just so much better in the warmer, brighter months. I get this completely x

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