Why I want to hypnobirth

May 3, 2018

The minute you find out you’re pregnant for the second time – once you’ve got the OK that everything is going as expected and hoped – you think back to your previous pregnancy, and most importantly, your previous birth experience.

My birth story with Henry was a pretty positive one all round. It wasn’t exactly as I had hoped, but it was pretty damn close, and I did it with no intervention and next to no pain relief. I am proud of my birth story and how well I managed to cope.

However there are things that I feel could have been better.

Length of labour being a large part of it.
I know, of course, that you can’t predict or change your labours length of time, but I was in labour for a total of about 26 hours, and 11 in active labour at the birth centre. So I’d really like to try and cut down the amount of time away from home this time around.
We also had a bit of back and forth, which although it couldn’t be helped at the time, I’d like to avoid if possible.
And I’d really like to have that water birth I’d planned for last time. I did spend time in the pool, but when it came to actually giving birth, it was more a traditional, on a bed, job.

So how am I hoping to help achieve this?


Since having Henry I’ve seen a lot of people talk about hypnobirthing and how much it helped them. I guess with Henry I just didn’t really think about it too much, but this time, I’ve given my labour a bit more thought as it’s going to affect more people.

After hearing and reading about Georgina’s positive hypnobirthing experience I was kind of sold on hypnobirthing.
I’ve been reading this book on hypnobirthing so I can practice in the comfort of my own home.

I love the idea of the calm and feeling in control.
The breathing exercises really work for me, though the positive affirmations feel a little awkward. I like distracting music, so will be creating a new labour playlist as last time which I’ll be using at home as well as hospital. My aim is to be at home as long as physically possible, with as little back and forth as I can too. I have seriously been considering a home birth with the hypnobirthing, but I’m not 100% convinced yet.

I also know that hypnobirthing mums manage shorter labours and less time in hospital, which is my ultimate goal. The smaller amount of time away from home and Henry, the better. Although my stay at the New Forest Birth Centre was lovely, and I was so well cared for, I’d rather be home sooner than later this time around.

Will it work?
Who knows, but it can’t make it worse.

Have you experienced hypnobirthing? If yes, please do leave advice and blog posts in the comments below!

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