Why it’s OK to “do it for the gram”

May 29, 2018

“Doing it for the gram” is usually said with a mixture of laughter and self-consciousness, and I think most people with Instagram, and most definitely Bloggers, have done something purely to get that perfect Instagram photo to share on our grid.

I’ve certainly done my fair share of things purely to get a shot for my layout. Whether that’s buying flowers that I really don’t need, making a tea I had zero intention of drinking, or searching out the perfect background for a “from behind candid” shot.
And I know plenty of bloggers that have visited places purely “for the gram”. In fact there are entire businesses that are so successful, just because they are “Instagram goals”.
And then there’s buying props, purely for Instagram photos (and blog photos too in a lot of cases.) I for one, bought a Letterboard just because it would work nicely within my Instagram feed, alongside my ‘leg shots‘ which I take only for my Instagram.

And do you know what, that’s all OK.

It’s OK to do things, or buy things, and go to places, just because you want to put a photo of it on your Instagram grid.

Let’s be honest, the Internet isn’t always a happy or nice place, so having a little piece of it that you really love is a win. If curating a perfectly photogenic feed makes you happy, then do it. If setting up that flat lay brings you joy, go ahead and get all the props you need. If photos “for the gram” are the only way you’ll remember to get some photos of you with your kids, then definitely do it. Not only will you thank yourself, but your kids will later too.

Perhaps all of this defeats the object of Instagram, which should be instant, but why can’t it be both? Planned and instant. If you’ve gone to a specific place for an Instagram photo, let’s be honest, you’re more than likely going to share that image straight away, so it’s definitely instant.

For me, I like finding new places to explore, or even just going out because I’ve had some IG inspiration and want to get a shot similar to one I’ve seen in my feed. And yes, we might be going out because this mama wants some new photos for her Instagram grid, like the other weekend when we went to the woods for a walk and I stocked up on Instagram images (and got inspired to write this post), but we got out. We got out in the fresh air, Henry had fun and Dann and I got to chat without a TV or social media distracting us. No the photos weren’t exactly how I had them in my head, but the setting was completely right, and I got some photos that I totally adore, and my Instagram seemed to enjoy too (the top photo became one of my most liked photos on my grid this year)!
I guess I’m also lucky that I have an Instagram husband who is quite willing to help me create new images and recreate ones I show him for my feed. And he’s pretty darn good at it too.

So it’s OK to do it for the gram. At least you’re doing something. And if that includes other people and making memories, then even better!!

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  1. helen christie says:

    I was literally thinking this earlier. My husband rolled his eyes when I suggested going for coffee somewhere because I'd seen it on Instagram and I wanted a photo, but he ended up loving the place, had a great coffee and we'd never have gone otherwise! Gorgeous photos as always :)Hels xxwww.thehelsproject.com

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