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Sunday, 24 June 2018

A birthday zoo trip - the Ordinary Moments

We've started a little unintentional tradition in the Bradford household, visiting the zoo for Henry's birthday. 
For his first birthday we did a trip at the weekend with some close friends and family, but as it is quite pricey, we decided to do the trip on our own this year, and do something else for his party. 

We knew that Henry would be a huge fan of Marwell Zoo this year as he's really gotten into his animals over the last few months. I mean he's a big fan of David Attenborough documentaries and any Disney film with animals in, so we thought this would be the perfect day out for him.

And it was so damn good.
A bunch of photos from our day below.

We all really liked the new Tropical House. It's such a strange environment change but looks so beautiful and the landscaping is stunning.

We also went on the Road Train (pulled by a tractor) which Henry absolutely adored and spent most of the trip round waving at everyone that we passed. 

Umm that hand tucked into the back of Dann's t-shirt is probably my favourite thing ever! 

Roll on next year when we have two boys to take to the zoo!

The Ordinary Moments


  1. Gorgeous pictures, I love the tropical house at zoos too. and a happy birthday Henry #TheOrdinaryMoments

  2. I love Marwell, it's such a sweet place to visit. The giraffes are always my favourite, I could watch them for hours. We actually took my son there for his second birthday too - it's a great choice for that age! Happy birthday Henry

  3. Your photos are beautiful - it looks like you had such a nice day - and what a lovely tradition to have too x


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