Henry, you’re two!!

June 12, 2018

Two whole years of Henry Gordon Ian.
That’s pretty surreal to write down.
But it’s been the absolute best two years of my life. I cannot imagine my life without my little guy and my whole world is more complete with you in it.

So Henry, you’re two years old!

You’re the chattiest little guy, happy to talk to anyone and everyone, and super fast at learning names. You have some clear favourite people, which include Auntie Steph and Auntie Alice, and your baby bestie Joshua.

You amaze us every day with your knowledge and love for animals. Even nursery is impressed with all your animal talk. Lucky for us you’ve developed a love for David Attenborough documentaries so we don’t have to suffer through terrible kids cartoons! You’d rather watch elephants and horses any day.

You have so much energy. You’re constantly on the move, and with the summer coming in we’re making the most of it with lots of park trips where you’re finding your adventurous side.

You might just be the worst eater, and just want to snack all day instead of eating proper meals which is intensely annoying but we’re trying to let you work your way through it and stacking you with healthy snacks where we can. However….

You are the best at bedtime. You rarely fuss. You are happy and self settle in your toddler bed with your giant collection of soft toys. I think story time in your teepee could be one of your favourite things, and the way you say “night night” and “luff you” is this mama’s favourite thing at the end of each day.

You are the earliest riser though! 5am is not morning, but you will not have it any other way. Luckily you are so very happy in the mornings, it does make up for it. And Daddy does breakfast with you, so mama can get a bit more sleep, so really I can’t complain. But kid, please, 6am would be so much nicer!

You’re so head-strong and driven. I’ve never seen determination such as yours. If you want it, you’ll do it and there is no stopping you. Finally a little bit of mama coming through in your personality.

You look exactly like your Daddy. The similarities from the same age is startling. You are literally identical, but I’m ok with that as you are just so handsome in my eyes!

You’re my favourite person to be around. We have tough days, and tough hours and tough minutes, but they’re all so insignificant compared to how much joy and love you bring to mine and your daddy’s lives. I wouldn’t change you for the world, because you are my Henry, and mama loves you more than words can describe.

Some of my favourite photos from the last two years below:

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