Maternity Leave Round Two – what are my plans?

June 5, 2018

I’m about to start maternity leave for the second time, and I am oh so ready for it.
I won’t lie, this pregnancy has been hard, and although I only work part-time, it’s been difficult juggling pregnancy, a toddler and a job.

With Henry, I didn’t actually start my maternity leave until the day after he was born (a Sunday) and I only had one week of leave prior to his arrival. So not an especially relaxing start to my leave. Of course I wouldn’t change any of it for the world, but this time around I’ve decided to go off a little earlier than 38 weeks. My maternity leave officially starts at 36 weeks so I’m hoping for a good couple of weeks before Baby Boy joins us.
At the same time, Henry is dropping one day of nursery, so only attending two days a week, so although I won’t be getting rest and relaxation every day, I will get two days a week to myself, and then some extra time with my little man before my time is split between two!

So what do I plan to do with my maternity leave this time around?

Well I had a little read of my last maternity leave plans, and I have to be honest, they’re relatively similar!
I’m pretty sure most of my list from last time was actually complete prior to my leave starting as I had a bit more energy in the evenings, and my weekends were clear.

This time, well, the clothes are down from the loft, but they still need to be washed. I still need to stock up on essentials like nappies (we have one big pack and one hospital pack so far) and muslin squares, and build the crib for our bedroom. We also have a double pushchair that we got second-hand that needs a good scrub and clean up which is high on my agenda. Luckily, most of the stuff from the loft is still in great condition, and the recent weather, that I hope goes forward, will make the washing and cleaning so much easier. Plus my hospital bag is non-existent, and I need to consider a bag for Henry as well, and a variety of plans for when I go into labour.

I’m also going to stock up our freezer and larder ready for Baby Boy’s arrival. And I’m definitely stocking up on snacks and drinks as this was something we didn’t really consider before, and we ran out quite quickly. So this time, I’m going to be super organised in the food department!

I also need to get my butt in gear and get some blog content ready for July and August. I do think I’m a bit more relaxed about blogging this year, and would rather blog in the moment or when the inspiration hits. And the same applies to my Instagram photos. Which is actually how these photos came to be. But I couldn’t resist using them on the blog as well!

I do however have a birthday party for Henry to organise, however, that is going to be fairly low key, but I think I want to make him a cake. Plus I need to sort his presents, which I’m pretty excited about.

I also want to do a few last little things with Henry before he becomes a big brother, like a few coffee and cake dates, park dates and swimming. Just a few little things that we can do together. Like playing with the rabbits as a twosome!

Aside from that I just want to chill, read and have lots of baths. Because pampering isn’t exactly high on the agenda, but a bit of quiet time before my world gets turned upside down again is exactly what I need!

What else should I be doing ahead of becoming a mum of two?

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