Opening birthday presents:A toddler gift guide

June 21, 2018

Post contains review items*

My little man turned two!!
That’s still pretty crazy to even think about, let alone say out loud.

However turning two was a whole lot of fun, and involved a very early morning (he really does not believe in lie ins) with presents and cinnamon buns!

I have to admit, shopping for kids is actually really hard work. There’s literally so much available to buy kids, so it’s working out what they will actually enjoy. And it’s so easy to fall in to the trap of buying and buying, because you see just another gift that would be perfect.

Being only two, we decided to keep it pretty minimal in presents as we know from experience that no one really remembers presents from birthday’s but rather the experiences. We chose gifts that would promote imaginative play and interaction. Although the list is relatively small, he has loved every one of them and has used them all pretty much daily since he got them, so I’m calling that a win. I’m a big believer that kids don’t need hundreds of toys as they just don’t play with them all.

Fair warning, this post is loaded with photos!! I just couldn’t pick a couple that I loved!!

Toddler Rocking Horse
His main gift, and the one I was most excited about. I thought this was a total bargain, especially as it should last a good couple of years. It’s really well built, and super easy to put together, and to be honest, Henry adores it. He loves horses anyway, but the excitement levels when he saw the horse after coming downstairs was worth every single penny.

Little Pals Gardening Kit*
As we have finally got our garden into a good place, we decided some outdoor toys were a must and this gardening set is perfect for little hands. The hessian bag includes trowel, fork, animal pegs, gloves and a bucket enabling your little one to help with their own garden patch.

Goula Fishing Game*
I  actually adore a lot of the Goula products as they’re so well made, and this fishing game is no exception. As you can see from the photos, Henry is a huge fan of the game, and it’s so simple to do (it’s magnets so easy to use and no fiddly bits) both as something to do together, or for your little one to do independently. I’ll definitely be putting this to the test when I need to entertain Henry whilst I feed baby boy.

Hallmark Noahs Ark*
As Henry’s animal obsession continues to grow, this uber cute set seemed like a great idea, especially with his little brother joining us soon. Being soft they’re perfect for both boys to play with together, and these are aimed at 4 months plus so great for a range of ages.

Peter Rabbit Gift Set*
A slightly more extravagant gift, but a keepsake for the future, I can’t resist anything Peter Rabbit. Henry’s photo albums and baby book are Peter Rabbit themed, so I kind of had to add this to the collection. Presented in a gorgeous gift box,this book is personalised and comes with the sweetest bunny bear too. He currently resides in Henry’s bed with the rest of his prized collection of animals. The quality of it all is so good so definitely worth the price tag.

Tiger Teapot and Tea Cup Set
No kids play kitchen is complete without a little tea set. We’re also big fans of Flying Tiger stores for their slightly obscure range of items including toys. This set was a total bargain at £6 so it can be used for both our indoor and outdoor kitchens.

The Works Card Books
And finally no birthday is complete without some new books. We’re currently working on counting with Henry as he has his animals nailed but is more of an intermittent counter. Then it’s the alphabet as I really want him reading from a young age. Our house is covered in books so he’s going to be into books if it kills me!

*items sent as a PR sample in exchange for inclusion in this gift guide. All opinions are my own.

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  1. Megan Hunt says:

    Such a lovely post with so many gift ideas! Henry looks so, so happy. Hope he had a wonderful birthday (Looks like he did!) I love the rocking horse & gardening kit especially. xx

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