Preparing the home for baby no.2

June 14, 2018

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We are getting over closer to becoming a family of four and I’m not going to lie, it just does not feel quite real yet. Apparently the large watermelon shaped mound under my clothing just isn’t enough for my brain to accept that we are actually going to have a second child soon.

That being said, I am thoroughly enjoying getting all the preparation done for baby number two. The organiser in me is thrilled to be able to wash tiny baby clothing, and organise drawers, and clean rooms. I think I was a born nester because I absolutely love it.

However there is much less to do this time around. Our home is already prepared for an active toddler, and realistically a newborn is far less of an issue on your home furnishings than a toddler – how do toddlers make some many crumbs? But we do need to create new space for the new addition, and our home has changed a lot since Henry was a baby, even though it was only two years ago.

So what have we been doing to prepare for our little newbie?

First up was a loft raid. We kept pretty much everything from when Henry was little, so we’re fully kitted out for clothes and bedding, as well as a crib, sleepyhead, moses basket and toys.

We also bought a double pushchair on Gumtree so I can have additional freedom with the boys and not have to worry about Henry getting tired or not wanting to co-operate. We’re also going to be using a buggy board, and wraps/carriers so we have a few travel options.

We’ve also got some new bits and pieces especially for the newborn, including this Newborn Baby Carrier Gift Set from Nuby UK* which includes a brand new carrier, blanket, bottles and bag, and a keepsake frame. We also have a few new outfits, and soft toys. I think it’s important that second babies, even if they’re the same gender as the first and close in age, get some things just for them. Brand new and not hand me downs! What I love about the gift set is that it is totally practical, so perfect for second time mums, and they have a range of different sets to choose from to meet the needs of any mum.

I’ve also created new space in the living room and kitchen for both boys. I’ve created a second changing and baby supply drawer in the living room. We already have a changing drawer filled with nappies, wipes, creams and muslins for Henry, so I’ve created a second one for baby boy, including my wrap sling and all the normal newborn essentials, as well as breastpads and nipple cream ready for breastfeeding. We’ve also reorganised a few drawers in our kitchen and moved all the kids feeding equipment including Henry’s bits and pieces into one much larger drawer!

The nursery for the most part is still the same, minus a cot which is currently Henry’s toddler bed in his new bedroom. And the playroom is pretty much the same too, though with a new addition of a box of newborn and baby toys ready for playtime.

So I now finally feel like I’m getting somewhere with preparing for our newest addition. Now we just need him to make his arrival.

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