What’s in our just-in-case hospital bag and toddler bag

June 26, 2018

For our second baby boy, we have a home birth planned, so the bulk of my recent planning has been around ensuring we have everything we need in the house to bring baby boy into the world.
However, that doesn’t mean we’re off the hook for bag packing!

Ever the organiser, I’ve packed a normal hospital bag as well, just in case I have to be transferred to hospital.
Hopefully this will be completely unnecessary, but I’d rather pack and not need it, than be unprepared.

I’m also packing a second bag this time, specifically for Henry, so that if I’m in labour during the day he has a bag packed to go to his Godparents house until he can come home again.

Luckily, last time around I packed a pretty good concise hospital bag so I’m pretty much sticking with that as a base, but with a little update, and less in the way of comforts as this is just an emergency bag!

So what’s inside our just-in-case bag and Henry’s toddler go-bag?

Just-in-case Hospital Bag
Dressing Gown – for comfort after birth
Night Shirt – for easy breastfeeding if I need to stay in hospital
Change of Clothes – leggings, vest, maternity bra and two tops
Large Black Knickers – because life is too short for disposable, so these are cheap basic and big
Maternity Pads – for obvious reasons
Breast Pads – again for obvious reasons
Slippers – to move around hospital safely
Toiletries bag – shower gel, toothbrush, tooth paste, flannel, hair ties, bobby pins, and hand sanitiser

Baby clothes – 3x sleepsuits, 3x vests, 1x woolly hat
Baby blanket

Henry’s Go-Bag
Clothes – t-shirt, jumper, leggings, socks
Milk bottle for bedtime
Drinks bottle
Toys – handful of cars and plastic animals, plus soft toy for bedtime

That last photo above was taken by Henry, but I love it so much, plus I’m holding his first ever outfit which will come to hospital with us if we end up there!

You can read how we’ve planned for our home birth in this post.

Also I couldn’t resist these photos of Henry practicing being a big brother with his baby doll which a friend got for him. He’s covering in chocolate finger prints, but he is very much loved, which I think is how baby boy will be too!

Any more suggestions for our bags?

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