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July 29, 2018

I talked a couple of weeks back about how being by the water is my favourite thing, and I’m continuing that trend today with some photos of our recent little adventure crabbing. 

With Dann on paternity leave, it meant we had access to the car and a lot more freedom to go exploring during the week, which also meant everywhere was a little less busy (school holidays broke the week Dann returned to work). 

We’ve attempted to go up to the pontoon at Hamble River Country Park a couple of times at the weekends, but always found it so very busy, but luck was on our side this time, with only a handful of other people around. 

We grabbed a bucket, string and some bacon to tempt the crabs and sat out in the sunshine. 

Unfortunately the crabs just were not biting for us, but the girls on the pontoon had much better luck so we did see a few crabs (and secretly I’m kind of glad as they’re a bit creepy to me!). For me, it was just nice to hang out by the water. Dexter was wrapped on me so I still had my hands free, and Dann got to go back to his childhood with an attempt at crabbing again. 

I’m 100% sure this is going to be a regular boys trip in the summers to come. I think I’ll just sit and enjoy the views! 

The Ordinary Moments

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  1. What the Redhead said says:

    I have such fond memories of crabbing as a child – this looks so idyllic. I'm not sure I caught anything either! x

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