Getting out and about with two littles with Buggy Board

July 31, 2018

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Getting out and about with two kids that are both under three, and to be frank, almost under two (Henry’s second birthday was two and a half weeks ahead of Dexter’s birth) can be a bit of a struggle.

Henry is a pretty strong willed character and mightily independent which I adore, but can also be a bit tricky to navigate. And with most toddlers, sometimes there is just no reasoning with them! And to be honest, I feel like I parent a whole lot better when we’re outside and exploring.

So we needed some travel options for our now family of four – and enter the Lascal MAXI Buggy Board*

We’ve always been interested in a Buggy Board for short trips out with Henry, considering his love for running around, but also wanting to keep him safe and well actually make it to our destination sometime in that same week. And we all know that a free toddler makes any trip about 160574037 times longer and more stressful.

We have been putting the brand new Monsters MAXI Buggy Board to the test over the last couple of weeks (basically life gets back to normal pretty quickly with no.2 so no time wasting on this product review). Dann attached it to our old Mama’s and Papa’s travel system chassis which we then load with Dexter’s car seat. This works really well for when we want to go out as a family in the car as the chassis and Buggy Board take up the least amount of space in the car, and I can chuck my baby wrap in the basket as well if we need another option for transport. (Full disclosure, we do also have a double pushchair as well which I use for more local to home trips, or for when I’m in a hurry or Henry is likely to want to nap on the go)

Initially we were going to have the Buggy Board on our Cosatto Stroller, but have decided this way is a better option at the moment. However the plus side with the MAXI Board is that it fits so many different pushchairs and strollers so you aren’t limited by its uses.

Henry has taken to it really well, and loves being able to check on Dexter whilst we’re on the move. The added suspension means it is fine on most types of terrain, and when it’s not needed it can be lifted off the floor and suspended from the handle. He stays on it well, and although he has some issues with announcing that he wants to get down i.e. he just steps off, we’re really loving the freedom for us all. 

As for putting it together, it’s great when it’s on, (and taking the board off the chassis so we can put it down to go in the car is so so easy) but Dann did have a few choice words whilst fitting it to make sure it was level. But I think that’s mostly down to him being a bit of a perfectionist, and it being designed to fit lots of different styles of pushchair. Plus you want it to be secure, so make sure you allocate a good amount of time to getting it fitted, and definitely don’t attempt with a toddler around. 

To celebrate our first outing with our Buggy Board and treat Dann for a slightly stressful construction, we got ice cream at the beach. And I don’t think you can beat a day of exploring and ice cream in my books. 

*product sent as a PR sample in exchange for review on this site. All opinions, as always, are my own and not influenced by the brand. For more information, see my Disclaimer page. 

4 responses to “Getting out and about with two littles with Buggy Board”

  1. Megan Hunt says:

    These buggy boards are such a good idea! I'm pretty sure they weren't around when we were kids? But love that it gives mums and dads another travel option for the kids. I doubt I'll need one by the time I have another little one but you never know! xx

  2. Roxie Watt says:

    This is exactly what I've been looking for! I have a Cosatto pram – do you think it'll fit? A part of me is secretly dreading taking both of them out on my own once the baby arrives.Roxie |

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