Our favourite ice lolly smoothie recipes

July 12, 2018

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Being the parent of a fussy eater can be a pretty stressful experience.
Luckily though, smoothies are one thing that Henry will drink and eat (in the form of ice lollies) and it’s a real saviour for the mum guilt!

With us hitting peak summer, and needing all the nutrients and vitamins we can get, smoothies are one of our go-to’s for some extra goodness, that also tastes great! Not only are they great for an afternoon thirst-quencher, they freeze really well so are perfect for a healthy ice lolly. Plus we have a Pick Your Own Farm just up the road from us so need lots of recipes to use up all the fruit we pick.

Making ice lolly smoothies is also a great thing to do with kids. Getting them involved keeps them best entertained, helps educate them, and lets them feel a part of what they’re eating which is only ever going to be a good thing. Henry loves adding all the fruit to the blender and “holding down” the lid whilst it’s on.

We’ve been making these up in the recent heatwave (let’s face it yes it is Summer, but us Brits don’t function too well in extreme heat!) in our new moulds from Steamer Trading Cookshop*, the Zoku fish moulds* and the Zoku Pop Moulds*. Both are so easy to use, and I’ve become weirdly obsessed with the kids fish moulds as because they are silicone, they are SO EASY to get the ice lollies out of. No running under a tap, no tapping on the kitchen counter. They literally pull out. Plus they’re the perfect size for Henry, and as they’re relatively small in height, he has no problems with the stick! Also, how awesome do they look?

So what’s our favourite go to ice lolly smoothie recipes at home? 

All of these are just a chop and chuck in the blender. I next to never measure them out, so I’ve put estimated amounts, but play around with what flavours you like.

Tropical Fruit Smoothie
1-2x Bananas
1x Mango
1/2x Pineapple
1x handful of Spinach
Splash or 2 of Orange Juice
1/2 cup of Low-fat Plain Yoghurt

Stawberry and Banana Smoothie
1/2 punnet of Strawberries
1x Banana
Splash or 2 of Apple or Orange Juice
1/ cup of Low-Fat Plain Yoghurt
1/2 punnet of Blueberries
Handful of Spinach

Watermelon Cooler
1x bag of frozen Watermelon balls – defrosted
Handful of mint leaves
Couple of splashes of lemon juice
Lemonade – half fill cup with the blended fruit mix above, then top up with lemonade – for ice lollies either do without lemonade, or do a 3:1 fruit/lemonade ratio.

Naughty but nice Strawberry milkshake smoothie
1/2 punnet of Stawberries (you could also use raspberries or blackberries)
1/2 cup of Low-fat Plain Yoghurt
2-3 scoops of Vanilla Ice Cream
Splash or 2 of Milk

Plus all of these can be made a bit grown-up by removing the yoghurt in first two and replacing with Prosecco. The watermelon cooler can have Prosecco to replace the Lemonade. And the last is great with a little Tequila Rose. And all of them go great with a couple of shots of Malibu for a coconutty twist!

Also for the adults, we’ve been trying Bursting Balls by Popaball* in our drinks. The bursting balls from Popaball are designed for alcoholic beverages, but as we’re currently teetotal (breastfeeding) we’ve been having them alcohol free and they’re still amazing and fun.
For the gin balls we’ve added them to cloudy lemonade. Pop in the lemon and blueberry balls and you’ve got a great non-alcoholic drink. The strawberry ones I think will go nicely in normal lemonade instead of Prosecco.
We’re also going to try freezing them too for a fun ice lolly treat!

Get 10% off your own ice lolly moulds at Steamer Trading Cookshop with my code TEACUP10, used at checkout.

What’s your favourite smoothie recipe to make at home? 

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