Surviving pregnancy with a toddler

July 3, 2018

Probably one of the hardest and most challenging things I’ve ever had to do is to be a parent whilst pregnant.
In all honesty, this second pregnancy has been a difficult one, with a lot of ups and downs, but having a toddler in tow as well has made it more tricky.

The big thing is, when you have a toddler, you just can’t sit and do nothing when you’re not feeling your best. Most toddlers don’t really care much for if you’re tired, throwing up or generally not well; they just want to play and have fun.

Fortunately there is plenty that can be done to ease life for you, and make surviving pregnancy and life with a toddler a bit easier.

Find out what flexibility your work can offer
We’ve been very fortunate that both mine and Dann’s works are pretty reasonable when it comes to flexibility. We’re both office based, with Dann being able to work from home as well. And this has honestly been a huge life-saver when it’s come to my pregnancy sickness and needing to look after Henry.

Set up sofa toys
These have been so helpful on days when I’ve felt tired or just drained, and needed some time not moving too much. We have quite the collection of Happyland figures which Henry loves, and are great for playing with on the sofa. The same goes for his car collection. He;ll quite happily play for half an hour to an hour with either on the sofa meaning I can take some time to get some energy back.

Stick to a routine
This is more for your toddler. The more you can stick to a routine, the better for them, meaning they’re more manageable which is a huge plus when pregnant. Anything for an easy life!

Make sharing snacks
I found snacks were key to helping with a lot of my nausea and exhaustion. Keeping my sugar levels up means I can keep going. So I try to make snacks that are healthy so Henry and I can share them, which ultimately means he feels included.

Ask for help
One that I’m not so good with to be honest, but we have asked my sister a couple of times for help with looking after Henry when both Dann and I have been ill. Dann has also been a huge help on weekends by taking Henry out so I can rest, and doing bedtimes so I can chill after a long day at work or parenting.

I’m not sure if there is one set way to cope with pregnancy and a toddler. I think a lot of it is just down to coping as best you can, and hoping for an easy day. And crashing out on the more difficult days!

What are your top tips for pregnancy and a toddler combination?

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