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August 12, 2018

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Hot, sunny weather is a bit of a catch 22 when you’re a parent.

You want to make the most of it (let’s face it, we don’t normally get much of it in the UK) and get outside, but also you have to factor in keeping your kid safe from the sun, ensure they don’t overheat and negotiate the crowds at the popular locations.

We’re big fans of doing outside activities in the morning, especially as we’re all up way before 7am anyway! It means whatever we’re up to, it’s a bit cooler, less busy, and we can go home for a proper nap.

The other weekend we decided to head over to our local splash pad early, and luck was on our side! We went the morning the heatwave broke, so it was warm but cloudy, and we had the entire park to ourselves for over an hour. And our water baby had the time of his life.
It’s such much fun seeing your kid so happy, and this is 100% why I adore toddlers, they can’t hide their excitement and it’s totally contagious!

I wasn’t going to join in, hence the slightly inappropriate clothing for the occasion, but Henry insisted and I couldn’t resist joining him.

And for once we had the big camera with us (mid year resolution is to get back to photographing with my big camera rather than relying on my phone) so of course I set it to kids mode and captured a bunch of photos to share!

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The Ordinary Moments

4 responses to “A morning at the Splash Pad – The Ordinary Moments”

  1. This looks like a great morning out! We haven’t been to a splash area, I’m not sure where our closest one is #ordinarymoments

  2. Donna says:

    This looks like so much fun – and not too busy either! You can’t beat a splash pad. Also, have you changed your theme? I love it! Looks so professional and fits so well with your blog x

    • illustratedteacup says:

      It was pretty busy when we went back on a sunny day a few weeks later, but still very manageable. And yes, the site has had a little over-haul. And thank you.

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